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Travel risk management is of vital importance in today’s interconnected world and global economy. With increasing numbers of people travelling to a wider range of destinations and employees required to travel extensively overseas, often for long periods of time, to multiple destinations and frequently to very unfamiliar environments. As a result, personal security and an employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ towards their personnel has become more complex and increasingly topical. This is especially true when individuals and employees are travelling, or working in remote, or dangerous locations, where local security and medical facilities are likely to be substandard, ineffective, or completely lacking. 

Individuals and employees travelling, or working in less developed countries, may find that the support networks they are used to do not exist. They may feel vulnerable and at risk when visiting and operating in areas where levels of crime are high, there is an elevated risk of terrorism, or governments are unstable. It is vital that personal safety and security is taken seriously by individuals and organisations alike, to address such issues. Ensuring the health, personal safety, and security of travelling private clients is paramount, wherever they may be in the world and equally for employees when working overseas. Additionally, it is key to staff well-being and productivity and essential for the protection of the company’s brand, its reputation

and is key to ongoing success.

At AG Global Strategies, we offer integrated services to provide our private clients, corporate clients, organisations and their employees, with a robust support system that attends to the wide spectrum of security and logistical issues, regarding global travel, that are facing today’s global workforce. AG Global Strategies global travel risk management team assesses, plans and manages our client's transits, wherever they travel around the globe. Our expert pre-travel planning will mitigate risk and assist with decision making processes and provides detailed journey plans, route recommendations, and in-country intelligence briefings, that equip travellers with the right information before they travel. Our travel security experts will help travelling personnel understand the threats, cultural sensitivities, and precautions necessary to have a safe and successful trip.





Our global travel risk management team provides expert pre-travel assessments and planning, to mitigate risks to our clients and staff, during transit and at their final destination.

We provide comprehensive global travel risk assessments, taking into account all risks associated with each client, method of transport. From all global, regional and local risks our clients may face. Including, crime, terrorism, political instability and natural disasters, all to aid pre-travel decision making progresses. 

Our travel security experts provide in-depth country reports. Arming our clients with valuable pre-travel information of each country of interest, relevant to their safety and security, while travelling through, or visiting a particular country.

Our travel security experts will help travelling personnel understand the threats, cultural sensitivities, what vaccinations are required and precautions necessary to ensure a safe and successful trip.





Our risk management and intelligence team, gather technical and on the ground information, to provide our clients with up to date in-country intelligence reports. Equipping our clients and personnel with the right information and tools to make the correct decisions, prior to travelling. 

This analysis and each intelligence report can be a vital aid to ensure the safety and security of all travellers and vital to an operation's success. 

​​Our tracking, monitoring and alert solution, helps to keep our clients and staff safe and secure. Giving confidence to individuals and groups, with the knowledge they are being looked after and professionals can rapidly respond, if any issues should arise.

We provide a set of practical tools, including an assistance app, web portal with automated reporting. Supporting travellers and managers during the course of a trip or assignment.





Our protection services ensure the safety and security of individuals and groups is controlled at all time, that it is proportionate and it is monitored during all movement of personnel, especially in a country where travel poses an elevated risk, or clients or personnel themselves are high-profile.

We provide global executive and close protection for clients, senior executives, families and private individuals. This support delivers 'end to end' personal protection of a group or individual during travel. Including, security advice and liaison, travel management, venue surveys, risk assessments and reactive surveillance.​​

We carry out In-depth research and conduct risk assessments in preparation of all international travel. Consideration is given to the operating environment, the very latest threat state and the security profile that is required.

We are able to advise and prepare our clients and personnel with instruction and arm them with valuable information to ensure they are fully aware of the risks as they travel. Including guidance of how to operate in regions and cities with a higher risk, or within a hostile environment. 


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