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Global Travel
Risk Management


Professional travel risk management: Securing people and business across the globe.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our travel risk management services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your people, assets and interests across the globe.

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Travel Risk Management 

Travel Risk Management

Global Travel Risk Management Services, keeping people safe around the world

Travel Risk Management Services

We provide comprehensive travel risk management services to help mitigate potential security risks for businesses and organisations with employees travelling around the world. Our travel risk experts analyse potential risks, implement security measures and provide ongoing support to ensure the safety of your employees during travel. We offer a range of services, including travel risk management programmes, risk and threat assessments, country risk reports, travel planning and preparation, global travel support, emergency response planning, crisis management and post-incident support.

In today's interconnected world and global economy, effective travel risk management is crucial. With more people travelling to a wider range of destinations and employees travelling overseas for extended periods, personal security and an employer's duty of care become more complex. This is especially true when individuals work or travel to remote or dangerous locations, where local security and medical facilities may be insufficient or absent.

Individuals and employees working or traveling in less developed countries might encounter the absence of familiar support networks. In such situations, they may feel vulnerable and at risk, especially in areas with high crime rates, an elevated risk of terrorism, or unstable governments. Addressing these concerns requires a serious commitment to personal safety and security from both individuals and organisations. Prioritising the health, personal safety, and security of individuals on the move is crucial worldwide, whether they are visitors or employees stationed overseas. Beyond being essential for staff well-being and productivity, it plays a key role in safeguarding a company's brand and reputation, contributing significantly to ongoing success.

We offer integrated travel risk management services to provide our private clients, corporate clients, their organisations and employees with a robust support system that attends to a wide spectrum of security and logistical issues regarding all forms of global travel that today’s global workforce faces. Our global travel risk management team assesses plans and manages our clients' transits wherever they travel around the globe. Our expert pre-travel planning will mitigate risk, assist with decision-making processes and provides detailed journey plans, route recommendations and in-country intelligence briefings that equip travellers with the correct information before they travel. Our travel security experts will help travelling personnel understand the threats they may face, cultural sensitivities and precautions necessary to have a safe and successful trip.


Our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence in their employees' safety, no matter where their business takes them. Contact us today to learn more about our travel risk management services and how we can help protect your employees and business.

What services do we offer?

Travel Risk Assessments

Country Risk Reports

Intelligence Reports

Tracking, Monitoring and Alerts

Travel Risk Awareness and Advice

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Travel Security Consultancy

Travel Security Risk Assessments and Recommendations

Travel Security Planning and Advice

Travel Security

Journey Management

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Our travel risk consultants

Travel risk management, there to protect you, your staff and your operations, around the world

Travel Risk Management Consultants

Our global travel security consultants and advisors are highly experienced and have extensive professional expertise and qualifications in risk management and security management, with vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the security industry, from European cities to the most hostile environments around the globe.​

Travel Risk Management Services

We help our customers by providing them with 'key' information and advice regarding; a destination they intend to travel to, a specific country of interest, or multiple countries of interest. This includes the assessment of all routes of travel and forms of transport. We do this to help our customers better understand the area in question, to help inform decision-makers and better prepare our customers to achieve their objectives. 

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Steps to secure what’s important

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of travel risk management services, developed to assist organisations, global companies, executives and staff, to meet their travel risk management requirements.

Our risk management services include global risk management and travel risk assessments, country risk reports, intelligence reports, tracking, monitoring and alerts, personal security and travel risk awareness to help keep travellers safe around the world.

We provide comprehensive global travel risk assessments, taking into account all risks associated with each client and method of transport. From all global, regional and local risks our clients may face. Including, crime, terrorism, political instability and natural disasters, all to aid pre-travel decision-making progresses. 

Our travel security experts will help travelling personnel understand the threats, cultural sensitivities, what vaccinations are required and precautions necessary to ensure a safe and successful trip.

Travel planning and preparation require professional intelligence analysis, we provide intelligence reports that are a vital aid to ensure the safety and security of all travellers and vital to an operation's success. 

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