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Integrated security solutions -

Securing commercial and private premises across the UK.

Security Systems & Installation

Security Systems

  • Security Systems

    & Installation

    Specialist security consultancy, security systems, physical security measures and professional installation services.

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    Our specialists advise our customers on the necessary security measures and systems required to achieve the highest level of security for their organisation, or private property. We work in unison with our close partners to efficiently install physical security measures and technical security systems for commercial and private premises across the UK.

  • What technology and

    services do we offer?










At AG Global Strategies our experienced specialist consultants, project managers and a team of technical industry experts assess, advise, design, install and maintain the systems required and specified by our clients to achieve the highest and most effective level of security possible. We aim to assess and deliver a solution in the quickest possible time, taking into account all security risks, budget restrictions and requirement for each location.

We provide bespoke electronic systems and physical security solutions to keep our client's property safe and secure, combining CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, automated gates, other physical security measures and systems. Our security consultants conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to fully understand what is required to protect and secure our clients, their property, businesses, staff and assets. 

Our integrated electronic systems and physical security measures cover all areas of security to ensure our clients are protected day and night to the highest level.

Our experts use the most up to date systems, products and technology and ensure future-proofing of all systems. In conjunction with our technical team, our project managers oversee and work closely with our security construction partners to provide and install all physical security measures to the highest of industry standards.



    Our integrated CCTV security system is an effective, proactive and cost-effective investment that provides an around the clock crime deterrent and is an effective intruder detection system for all types of premises and property sizes. Security staff or a remote operator can visually identify any threat, respond immediately, contact and coordinate with security personnel or contact the police to request attendance.

    Our engineers provide a system that takes into account expansion and integration of any existing systems, using hybrid technology to enable a frictionless transition from analogue to digital (IP Cameras and Network Servers), installing the most appropriate user interface and effective procedures for a response.



    We provide Access Control & Door Entry security systems for commercial and private residences. Our access control visitor interaction and door control entry systems are a simple yet invaluable security feature for all entry and access points.

    Our audio/video systems provide a clear and effective way to control admittance, log and track all personnel and visitors gaining access to main entrances, allows for an easy way to monitor movement, identify who is entering and exiting the premises and prevents access when necessary. Our access control system features include an interface to monitor access, biometric readers, proximity readers, user groups and individual users and coded access. 



    We provide automated vehicle and pedestrian security gates for industrial, commercial and domestic access. Our systems work in conjunction with a wide range of security access systems, door entry, video/audio access control and physical security measures.

    We can install, upgrade and maintain all automated security gates and barriers, all are professionally installed to the highest standard and are compliant to UK health and safety standards and national safety standard certification.



Our high-quality intruder alarms and systems are designed to alert security personnel and users, to a specific danger, and is an effective deterrent to any intruder or criminal. The system will detect an intrusion and can sound an audible warning in the local vicinity if required and can be connected to a security control room with equipped duty monitoring systems to provide an effective response at all times.

Our systems are the very latest technological integrated alarm systems on the market, we also supply smaller audible systems and more advanced systems required for high-security applications.


Our fire alarm systems use the latest detection technology that has been developed to detect all smoke and fire types at the earliest stage. Our advanced fire systems can be integrated into existing systems, including our standard fire systems.

Our systems identify the area zone that has been triggered and our addressable fire alarm system identifies the specific detector. All our systems adhere to the latest regulations for commercial, retail, industrial and private use.


    AG Global Strategies delivers site assessment, planning and installation services for corporate/private, redevelopment and private residence. projects with a full range of physical and technical security measures.

    Our comprehensive security solution is comprised of a comprehensive risk assessment, security planning, systems design, physical and technological security installation and program management services. 



    We pride ourselves at being able to rapidly adapt and overcome any obstacles and challenges to secure our client's premises and staff in any sector they operate in. Our security professionals assess all aspects of security within the parameters of the task, advise, plan and oversee each project. Including the organisation and management of each security services we provide.

    We work towards ensuring each client is delivered services and technology suited to their sector and organisation. All to protect staff, personnel, visitors, all buildings, offices, assets, premises and infrastructure. This is achieved in by advanced physical, technical and procedural security measures and management, to the highest standards on the market.



    We are dedicated to delivering the best security technologies and professional security installation services to our diverse range of clients across the UK. We are experts in delivering a multitude of integrated services and solutions, ranging from consultancy, assessments and surveys, to systems and technology, physical security measures and manned security.

    Wherever our services and technicians are required across the UK, they are fully supported by our countrywide systems and installation team, providing  project support and assistance at all times. We understand that each project brings unique challenges, our team is ready to meet these challenges and further ensure our services and technologies are effective and deliver for our clients.



Our security systems and physical security measures are professionally sited and installed. All wireless and wired system technology and equipment are expertly housed in purpose-built racks and integrated with existing systems, new systems and structures to minimise space used and minimise any modifications needed.  

We provide bespoke electronic systems and security solutions to keep all premisses secure, combining CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, automated gates, other specialist technical security measures and systems.



Security technology and alarm systems to protect the perimeter of commercial and private premises and property, both urban and rural. 

CCTV security technology and systems to watch over and deter unauthorised access, theft and damage to commercial and private premises and property. 



    • We provide corporate Security Systems & Installation, Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all types of corporate buildings and offices around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Physical Security Installation, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice and Corporate Building & Office security. 


    • We provide facility Security Systems & Installation, Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for small, medium and large facilities and locations of all types around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Physical Security Installation, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management and Static & Site Security. 


    • We provide industrial installation level Security Systems & Installation, Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for large industrial sites, for numerous sectors and industries around the globe.

    • Our integrated services also include; site Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Static & Site Security and Physical Security Installation. 


    • We provide, Security Systems & Installation, Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all types of private property, residential buildings, estates and other buildings around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Physical Security Installation, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice and Residential & Property Security for all private property. 


Find out how we can help protect what's important to you


Security survey London

AG Global Strategies - Security Surveys & Audits

Security surveys and audits, professionally surveying and inspecting the effectiveness of existing security measures and determine the security requirements of other unprotected structures and locations. 

Security company London

AG Global Strategies - Security Planning & Advice

Security planning and advice, that helps to form clear strategies to ensure the safety and security of our customers around the globe. Providing services from consultancy, to embedded project support.

Security risk assessment London

AG Global Strategies - Risk Assessments

Risk assessments to suit all businesses, organisations and private clients, from multinational corporations, small enterprises, to private individuals within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Security consultant London

AG Global Strategies - Security Consultancy

Professional guidance, advice, assessments and surveys for all of our client’s security needs. Our security consultants are on hand to guide and advise our corporate and private clients across the globe.​

London security company

Securing our world

Professional risk management and security services

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