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  • AG Global Strategies delivers a tracking and monitoring capability to provide our clients and organisations, with vital tracking information with a response capability. Securing their organisation and arming them with the latest technology and intelligence to make a real difference.

  • We supply tracking and monitoring services employing state-of-the-art technologies to organisations, governments, NGOs and private clients for the purposes of surveillance, intelligence, tracking and monitoring. This is used to best affect positive results in the ongoing process of information and intelligence gathering.

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Tracking & Monitoring Services - 

Our solution is a comprehensive GPS tracking and monitoring system that provides real-time visibility of a consignment, vehicle, person or item, anywhere around the globe. Our system continually reports on the location of the subject and updates the exact location periodically. Visible through a secure platform, displaying the live location data to our tracking and monitoring operations team.

We have a range of customer focussed services designed to meet a wide range of requirements across a range of sectors around the world. We can provide surveillance and monitoring capabilities from small, lightweight and covert systems, through to fixed location fully integrated solutions, where continuous tracking and monitoring is required.

Our solutions are suitable for use in busy public locations and offer both day and night time tracking and monitoring capabilities. We can also provide 'asset identification tracking systems' which enable users to follow targets from both local and fixed locations, helping to enhance the safety of friendly assets, and increase the chance of operational success when tracking unfriendly assets.

  • Tracking - We utilise tracking technology to provide clients with real-time tracking, incident response and an asset management suite for any personnel, vehicles, static or mobile asset deployed globally.

  • Monitoring - We offer complete and unique monitoring and management capability with fully integrated tracking technology providing immediate information to our operations team, that are able to alert 'on the ground' intelligence operators. This technology also provides various levels of monitoring in our 24/7 global operations centre.

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Satellite Protective Surveillance - expert protective surveillance operations, providing a protective layer to protect our clients against attack, hostile surveillance threats and hostile operations.

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