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AG Global Strategies

AG Global Strategies is a private security and risk management company, home to experts in global risk and security advisory, security services and solutions. We build highly-valued, long-term relationships with private individuals, corporates, institutions and governments, offering strategic advice, specialist know-how and services throughout our divisions; Risk Management, Security Solutions, Intelligence Services, Medical Capability & Support, Global Travel Risk Management & Travel Security, Maritime Risk Management & Maritime Security and Logistics. We deliver fully integrated services, consultancy, planning and advice, keeping our clients at the centre of our operations. While maintaining a professional and collaborative approach throughout, to ensure our client’s interests, assets, professional and private lives are protected at present and into the future. 

AG Global Strategies builds on its core strengths; its position as a leading risk management and security solutions company, its specialist capabilities and its strong presence globally and in our home market of London and the wider United Kingdom. We seek to follow a balanced approach to providing security, aiming to project into new markets and regions and advance the accessibility of our services to our global client base, removing every possible barrier between our clients and the delivery of our specialist services across the globe.

'At AG Global Strategies client satisfaction is fundamental to our services and operations. This is kept at the forefront of our decision-making process, during our comprehensive planning process and throughout the delivery of our services...'

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Our solutions are fully integrated across all divisions of AG Global Strategies, delivering vital services and support globally for our international clients. 

Global Solutions

AG Global Strategies has a global reach, with operations being conducted in a number of cities, countries and regions around the world. Our broad footprint helps us to generate a geographically balanced stream of information to capture an up to date picture of various locations and areas around the world, thus aiding our decision-making process, planning and advice. We serve our clients through our integrated departments of; Risk Management, Security Solutions, Medical Capability & Support, Travel Risk Management & Security and Maritime Risk Management & Security Services and Logistics. These departments, advisers and subsequent services are supported by collaborating subject matter security experts, training providers, suppliers, non-security specialists in their field of expertise and other key advisers. Our departments co-operate closely and seamlessly to provide an effective, integrated, global security solution for our diverse global clients. Incorporating modern techniques, technology, procedures, specialist services and advice tailored to each client.

'AG Global Strategies utilises the unique expertise, experience and capability of our personnel to secure our clients’ freedom, safety and interests, globally...

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AG Global Strategies was formed by a body of industry experts and investors, who sought to combine the best global talent and expertise available with the best practices, modern techniques and technology at our disposal. We have grown to include and retain some of the industry’s most experienced and capable leaders, personnel and experts, driven to accomplish the highest degree of professionalism and use their talents to help and support our valued clients across the globe. 

Our core values and ethical standards are what set us apart, we are an organisation that keeps these in the forefront of our decision-making processes and while conducting operations around the world. We are committed to legal, moral and ethical behaviour. These values and standards are a key component to how we build lasting and beneficial relationships with clients, personnel, partners, agencies, governments and communities.

We promote a culture of operational excellence and strive for the highest of standards in every area and we aim to further project our global footprint, delivering our specialist integrated services and solutions to support as wide a global client base as possible, that in a complex, dangerous and ever-changing world, we believe deserve security and certainty.

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Our solutions are fully integrated across all divisions of AG Global Strategies, delivering vital services and support globally for our international clients. 

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