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Risk Management: London, the United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with professional Security Risk Management, Global Travel Risk Management, Maritime Risk Management and Medical Risk Management services. We are on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.

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Risk Management

Professional Services

  • Security consultancy London



    Professional guidance, advice, assessments and surveys for all security needs.

  • Security

    Risk Management

    Professional security risk management services to assess, plan, manage and enhance security for corporate organisations and private clients.

  • Global Travel

    Risk Management

    Comprehensive domestic and international global travel risk management, travel risk assessments, recommendations, planning, advice, security and protection across the globe.

  • Medical risk management London


    Risk Management

    Assessing the medical risks and needs of our clients around the world. From global travel to operating in hostile environments, our consultants can plan for overseas medical operations and major expeditions to remote areas and the delivery of medical care that this entails.

  • Maritime risk management London


    Risk Management

    Ensuring maritime safety and security throughout our client’s seafaring journeys and port visits through professional maritime risk management services.

About us

Our organisation

AG Global Strategies is an organisation of industry experts 

AG Global Strategies is a private risk management and security company, home to experts in global risk and security advisory, security solutions and services. We build highly valued, long-term relationships with private individuals, corporates, institutions and governments, offering strategic advice, specialist know-how and services throughout our divisions; Risk Management, Security Solutions, Intelligence Services, Medical Capability & Support, Global Travel Risk Management & Travel Security, Maritime Risk Management & Maritime Security and Logistics. We deliver fully integrated services, consultancy, planning and advice, keeping our clients at the centre of our operations. While maintaining a professional and collaborative approach throughout, in order to ensure our client’s interests, assets, professional and private lives are protected at present and into the future.


We provide professional Security Risk Management Services and Security Services across the UK and around the world.

Service Features

What can we offer?

Over 20 years of global risk management and security experience is held in our organisation.

  • We manage corporate and personal risk through our global risk management service. Including; travel, security, maritime and medical risk management. 

  • Global security services, that support industry, government, multinational organisations, business and private individuals, around the world. 

  • We provide advice, guidance, expertise and support needed to deliver industry beating professional services around the globe.

Integrated Global Services and Solutions

Risk Management, Security Services, Intelligence, Travel, Maritime, Logistics 

We rapidly deploy our teams to support projects and operations around the globe, providing expertise, operational support and security for a wide range of sectors and customers.

  • We offer Risk Management and Security services in most regions around the world.

  • Our Risk Management and Security Consulting services help our customers protect their interests around the globe.

  • Our professional Security Services guard buildings, people and assets within most sectors and industries. 

Our organisation, proven services and team of experts are ready to help you protect what is important to you, into the future. 


Our Professionals

  • UK

    Our security professionals serve to protect our customers around the world. Find out more about their expertise.

  • Europe

    Our personnel are highly qualified and are fully licensed to the highest industry standard. 

  • Global

    We employ extremely motivated, experienced staff, that have worked within many sectors and industries around the globe. 

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