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Global Customers

Maritime Sector

Maritime Sector

We are a leading provider of maritime security services and anti-piracy operations. With extensive vessel protection experience protecting some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies and super yacht clients around the globe.

We safeguard vessels, cargo, crew, passengers and secure our clients reputation, through expert maritime risk management, security planning, security advice and physical and technical maritime security measures.

Modern day piracy and other ongoing threats made by terrorist and criminal organisations present complex security challenges for many of our maritime clients. With increasing threats to shipping and vessels worldwide, professional maritime security is required to reduce these risks, to allow ship owners and ship managers to safely continue operating. Additionally, in a globalised economy, international trade and travel is dependent on the security of our system of ports and an understanding of the unique challenges involved in working in transport hubs like ferry terminals, ports and marinas, is necessary.

Creating a safe and secure vessel and environment for passengers and crew, while ensuring operational efficiency and removing the potential of disruption to our clients is key. Security risk assessments, planning and professional advice are an essential and helpful way, to ensure this is achieved Security requirements are identified and effectively met, by introducing the correct procedures, measures and levels of security.  

Through efficient, effective detailed planning and preparation, our objective is to reduce the risk of any incident, or attack occurring from the outset. From risk assessments to command, control, communications and intelligence, we offer a full range of comprehensive maritime security services to our clients. Assisting to manage risk and safeguard their vessels, personnel, cargo and operations. This is achieved through our integrated solutions and professional maritime security services, who deploy worldwide in support of clients, to implement a range of comprehensive pre-transit, voyage duration, strategic location, full-time and crisis response services. 

As experts in maritime security, tailored risk management, planning and security, we provide an extensive range of specialist security services for our maritime clients, which include -

Maritime Risk Management 


Our maritime security consultants and advisers, assess and provide our clients with the information needed to make the right decisions, regarding all aspects of maritime security.


  • Maritime Security Risk Assessment - accurate threat, risk and vulnerability assessments, to identify the potential threat to our clients and threats to their vessels, crew, passengers, assets and interests. Including, voyage threat assessments and port risk assessments.

  • Ship Security Survey & Audits - Comprehensive and detailed pre-voyage ship security audits and assessments, to review and provide recommendations, to ensure existing security measures are effective and advice regarding the implementation of further measures.  

  • Maritime Security Planning & Advice - strategic and operational security planning and advice, to mitigate risks associated with transiting, shipping and port operations around the world. 


Intelligence Services

  • Intelligence - Detailed intelligence assessment of specific voyages, ports and/or locations, including vessel risk assessments and intelligence analysis.

  • Country Risk - assisting multinational corporations and private maritime clients, to mitigate risk and aid their decision-making process.

  • Due Diligence - enhanced due diligence, reconnaissance, security advise regarding risks to vessels, operations, security and reputation and to recommend and implement suitable procedures and security measures.​

  • Tracking & Monitoring - maritime vessel tracking services and technology, manned by our UK based 24/7 operations team, monitoring all vessels and threats around the globe. 

Maritime Security Solutions / Security Solutions 

  • Maritime Security - technical, procedural, physical and manned security (Ship Security Officers - SSO) services, that cover the protection of vessels, passengers, crew, cargo, assets and interests. On-board security teams are supported 24/7 by in-house experienced operations, intelligence and incident management teams, as well as by technological support. Over-watch security services, providing support to the master and crew for the prevention of criminal actions, piracy, terrorism and other incidents.

  • Super-Yacht Security - dedicated large yacht and super-yacht security services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully tailored solutions of unparalleled quality.

  • Port & Terminal Static Security - professional port and terminal security services, to support our clients in meeting their security and safety requirements.

  • Close Protection - comprehensive personal security and close protection services in the form of Close Protection Teams (CPTs). Comprised of the optimum number of Close Protection Officers (CPOs), vehicles and equipment to significantly enhance our client’s security and safety.

  • Executive Security - professional personal and executive security and protection services in the form of individual protection officers (Close Protection Officer/Executive Protection Officer - CPO/EPO), or security details, comprised of a dedicated protection officers and vehicles to facilitate all on-shore movement and transportation.

  • Personal Security Driver - dedicated personal security drivers to safeguard executives and clients, their companions, staff, associates and personal belongings, between the vessel, transport hubs and local locations. 

  • Global Travel Security - international travel security service for clients, executives and staff, travelling to and from their vessel. Our security specialists conduct continuous risk assessments during operations, taking into account all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations and intended destinations, ensuring a safe and secure journey throughout. Our teams assess, plan, initiate and facilitate each movement from the start of our clients transit to their final destination and thereafter. 

Crisis Response

Maritime Security

Risk Management


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Global Sectors

AG Global Strategies - Private Clients

Expert risk management and security services for our private clients, associated VIPs and family members, their residences, property, family offices, businesses and assets.

AG Global Strategies - Corporate Sector

Corporate risk management and security solutions to suit all businesses and organisations, from multinational corporations, to small enterprises within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Government Sector

Supporting and assisting governments. Ensuring safe and secure operations in-country and in complex environments around the globe. Providing services from consultancy, planning, security and medical support, to crisis management and monitoring. 

AG Global Strategies - Oil & Gas Sector

Expert risk and security solutions, for the global oil & gas and mining sector. Providing expert industrial risk management, static and mobile security solutions and exploratory security services, for international Oil & Gas and mining companies around the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Insurance Sector

Global risk management, security solutions and crisis management for global insurers around the world.

AG Global Strategies - Media Sector

Security for media teams and organisations around the world. Working locally in their country of origin, or around the globe, we professionally facilitate security for all staff during international travel, while mobile, or on location.

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