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"At AG Global Strategies we aim to develop and invest in our personnel, within our organisation and deployed with our clients, striving for excellence in every area."

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Our Expertise

Our organisation and global team of experts at AG Global Strategies is maintained with one objective in mind: providing the best possible service for our clients.

AG Global Strategies is a leading provider of risk management, security solutions, support services and integrated solutions to private, corporate, commercial, government, international agencies and multinational corporations around the world. We have extensive experience of successfully delivering these specialist services and solutions to diverse clients with complex requirements in some of the most challenging locations and regions around the globe. 

We serve our clients through seven focused divisions; Risk Management, Security Solutions, Intelligence, Maritime, Travel, Medical and Logistics. These are supported by subject matter experts and advisors specialising in; Global private security, hostile environment security, security consultancy, crisis management, kidnap & ransom, intelligence gathering methods, global travel security, maritime security, medical support and logistics management. Our organisational structure reflects the global nature of our company and our strategy for growing our core business and projecting our organisation further into new and emerging markets.

Our global team of experts at AG Global Strategies have a singular objective, to provide the best possible service for our clients. Our multi-disciplined personnel are drawn from the most experienced and capable global talent available, with backgrounds in risk management, security, consultancy, medical, maritime, cybersecurity, tech, construction, government, law enforcement, intelligence services and the military.

Our organisation passionately believes that its ability to collaborate among diverse skill sets and experiences that creates the best outcomes for our clients and allows us to deliver fully integrated services more effectively. At AG Global Strategies, the professionalism and skill of our personnel is fundamental to being industry leaders and each person plays a vital role in our success. The collective experience, expertise and hard work of our personnel are what shape us and drive the future of our organisation. 

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  • Fundamental to our success has been the sourcing and utilisation of extremely capable and driven personnel. Our selected personnel have been specifically recruited to possess a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple areas of the risk management, security, intelligence, medical and maritime industry. Ensuring an understanding of complex requirements and ensuring a professional, high-quality service at every level.

Port security
  • Our personnel are extremely versatile and highly qualified specialists, with adaptable skill sets necessary to conduct operations across the globe for our clients. Able to deliver exceptional support in challenging and changeable environments, consistently executing operations and fulfilling advisory appointments with the highest of standards.

Surveillance services
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  • At AG Global Strategies we are well-practiced in building and integrating detachments of self-sufficient multi-skilled management, operational teams and personnel for our clients. Delivering an effective service without fail, within their chosen discipline and outside of their normal professional sphere with practised ease. We utilise the unique expertise, experience and capability of our personnel to secure our clients’ freedom, safety and interests, globally.   

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