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Intelligence Services: London,
United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation gain important information and intelligence. Our professional Intelligence Services are here to arm you with critical intelligence to keep you one step ahead and help you make the right decisions, at the right time.

Intelligence Services

Professional Services

  • Business intelligence



    Our corporate intelligence services help our global clients prepare for and manage risk, in new and existing markets around the world. 

  • Intelligence 


    Our integrated specialist intelligence services use effective specialist techniques and equipment to achieve goals for our clients.

  • Investigative


    We have extensive experience in private and corporate investigations. Conducting a wide range of operations for a whole host of private clients and organisations.

  • Private surveillance company London



    Our surveillance service uses specialist technology and equipment to professionally and successfully deliver results for our clients, with secure reporting and complete discretion at every level.  

  • Tracking &


    We provide a complete tracking and monitoring capability to provide our customers and their organisation with the vital information they need.

  • Protective


    Specialist protective surveillance and surveillance detection operations. Protecting our customers at home and abroad.

  • Special Projects


    We provide a comprehensive portfolio of special projects services. Operations to aid our clients in reaching a positive outcome, giving our clients the options needed to gain vital information, evidence, essential results and overall protection and security for themselves and their organisations. 

  • Red Teaming


    Our red teaming operations provide a unique service that is a step above traditional penetration testing. Our security experts test existing physical security measures, by simulating real-world attacks replicating the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures of real-world would be attackers.

Where we operate

Locations and Operations

  • Security company London



    Including locations in; Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America and Australasia.

  • Security guards London



    We operate across six continents and within most regions, countries, locations and cities across the world.

  • Security services



    Find out about our expert's know-how and their experience around the world.

Surveillance company London

We provide professional Security Risk Management services and Security Services across the UK and around the world.

Service Features

What can we offer?

Over 20 years of global risk management and security experience is held in our organisation.

  • We manage corporate and personal risk through our global risk management service. Including; travel, security, maritime and medical risk management. 

  • Global security services, that support industry, government, multinational organisations, business and private individuals, around the world. 

  • We provide advice, guidance, expertise and support needed to deliver industry beating professional services around the globe.

Integrated Global Services and Solutions

Risk Management, Security Services, Intelligence, Travel, Maritime, Logistics 

We rapidly deploy our teams to support projects and operations around the globe, providing expertise, operational support and security for a wide range of sectors and customers.

  • Our Risk Management and Security Consulting services help our customers protect their interests around the globe.

  • Our professional Security Services guard buildings, people and assets within most sectors and industries. 

  • We offer Risk Management and Security services in most regions around the world.

Our organisation, proven services and team of experts are ready to help you protect what is important to you, into the future. 


Our Professionals

  • UK

    Our security professionals serve to protect our customers around the world. Find out more about their expertise.

  • Europe

    Our personnel are highly qualified and are fully licensed to the highest industry standard. 

  • Global

    We employ extremely motivated, experienced staff, that have worked within many sectors and industries around the globe. 

Security company London

Securing our world

Professional risk management and security services

Security guards London

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Global security company
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