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Global Operations

Global Operations: Find out about the operations we conduct around the world.

AG Global Strategies is a leading provider of global risk management and security services. Find out about the types of operations we conduct around the world, from travel risk management operations to logistic operations, from Europe to Africa.

Global Operations

Europe: manufacturing sector site security operations across the United Kingdom. Manned security for large, medium and small facilities.

Global Operations

Asia: executive security services for large industrial conglomerates.

Global Operations

South America: travel risk management services across the region. 13 countries covered, risk management, security services, crisis response, medical and other services offered.

AG Global Strategies Global Operations

What we do for our clients around the world

One of the greatest challenges for organisations operating on a global scale is the ability to seamlessly navigate an environment that is constantly changing. With operations in various countries, our solutions deliver agile, scalable and cost-effective services and support that easily integrate into our clients' day-to-day operations.

With past and current operations across six continents, AG Global Strategies supports our global client's interests with integrated solutions in a broad range of industries, market sectors, private capacities and geographies. Our mission is to enable our clients to operate around the globe, fully supported by our support services.


Our global divisions and international network provide vast resource capabilities and intimate knowledge of the areas, communities, cultures and economies. In a way that enables us to deliver tailored, innovative and cost-effective solutions at a local level in the areas we operate in.


We provide continuous monitoring of programs, personnel and equipment from our global operations management team and command centre. With regional and local networks across our areas of operations, we support local economies, reduce costs and provide expedited delivery of personnel, material, equipment and supplies to our clients around the world. 


We operate our global services and divisions from our organisation's headquarters located in London, United Kingdom. Today, AG Global Strategies can operate across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North, Central & South America and Australasia. 


Global Crisis Response Operations

Our Crisis Management & Emergency Response service provides a dedicated global crisis management and response solution, that deploys to incidents and situations at any time around the globe.

Our global Crisis Response operations are managed through our crisis and operations management team and supported by our operations centre based in the UK and further supported by our network of international field-based operational teams.

We support operations across six continents, supporting our client's global interests in a broad range of industries, market sectors and private capacities. 


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We design our integrated services to meet your needs

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How we operate around the world

Operations boxes

Our Security, Risk Management & Intelligence Operations


We provide risk management services and security services for small, medium and large corporations across the world. Our integrated solutions provide our customers with continuity across multiple sites and offices. With a single organisation able to deliver professional services throughout their organisation, safeguarding their businesses and supporting their growth into new and exciting markets.

We provide services in support of local, national and international projects. Including, some of the most challenging regions around the globe. We provide expert consultants, advisors and personnel to support and promote global operations, the know-how to facilitate the building of new projects and other services including training of personnel, for the security of large facilities. 

Our intelligence services help organisations gain important information and intelligence. Each operation we conduct arms our clients with critical intelligence to keep them one step ahead and help them make important decisions wherever they are in the world. Our operations largely take place in the United Kingdom, with frequent overseas tasks conducted on behalf of both UK-based clients and international clients.


Global Travel Risk Management Operations

Our travel risk management operations are conducted around the globe, from Europe to Africa and South America to Asia. 

Our global operations team and travel security consultants expertly assess regional and local risks, conduct intelligence-led planning and provide end-to-end services. 

Our operations across the globe are supported by a network of in-country partners, consultants, analysts and sources to ensure we provide the best service possible.

Our Global Travel Risk Management & Travel Security Operations around the world


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of travel risk management services, developed to assist organisations, global companies, executives and staff, to meet their travel risk management requirements. Our risk management services include global risk management and travel risk assessments, country risk reports, intelligence reports, tracking, monitoring and alerts, personal security and travel risk awareness to help keep travellers safe around the world.

Our travel security service offers 24-hour global personal security for any individual travelling anywhere in the world. This effective personal security solution provides dedicated officers to professionally manage our client's security and travel itinerary for all international travel. From security management and journey management to providing an advanced security party and professional executive protection, this service provides safety and security during all aspects of travel.

Industrial site security

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Hostile Environment Operations

Our expert security teams provide comprehensive security solutions for organisations operating in hostile and complex regions around the world.

Each of our operational teams is made up of industry experts with extensive military and commercial experience.

Our operations are supported by our UK-based operations centre, management teams and a host of in-country partners, experts, sources and contacts used to produce successful results for our global client base.

Our Global Hostile Environment & Complex Region Operations around the world


Our hostile environment consultancy and security services are an ideal security solution to mitigate the risk of travelling and operating in high-threat and complex environments. We can operate in the majority of complex regions across the world and can operate in the most challenging environments our clients are faced with, consistently protecting and expertly advising to ensure safety and a secure environment at all times.


We provide our risk and security services in high-risk environments to a diverse spectrum of clients in several industries, sectors and organisations around the world. From SMEs, oil & gas companies, government and media organisations to individual business clients, delivering highly professional services to safeguard personnel, businesses, infrastructure, valuable assets and interests across the globe and are recognised as a provider that can successfully deliver integrated services and conduct multiple operations in challenging regions while ensuring successful results.

Global security operations

what we deliver

Our Global Risk, Travel, Security and other services around the world

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Integrated global support operations


Global risk management services and expertise


Global security consultancy and services


Specialist intelligence services


Global travel risk management and travel security services


Global maritime risk management and security


Expert medical cover and support around the world


Global​ Medical Operations

24/7 Response Operations

Our specialist team has expertise in delivering medical support operations under the most challenging circumstances for organisations around the globe.

Their in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise offer our clients a unique capability with the best solutions available for their needs, from consultancy and strategic advice to the latest medical equipment, we support our clients across the world and in some of the most remote and challenging regions around the globe.

Our Global Maritime & Logistics Operations around the world


Our maritime operations include deploying to provide maritime risk assessments and ship surveys and deploying onboard ship security teams to effectively protect shipping vessels around the globe. Our maritime security consultants deploy at short notice around the world to provide on-site assessments of vessels, port facilities and harbours. 

We provide integrated logistics solutions on a global scale, meeting requirements for security and care. We understand that our clients' priority is to transport their items and shipments securely, on time and in full. We offer a full spectrum of transport logistics solutions and tracking services that provide flexibility for our customers and provide secure transport of different items and consignments globally.

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Global Security

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