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One of the greatest challenges for organisations operating on a global scale is the ability to seamlessly navigate an environment that is constantly changing. With operations in various countries, our solutions deliver agile, scalable and cost-effective services and support that easily integrate into our clients' day-to-day operations.

With past and current operations across six continents, AG Global Strategies supports our global client's interests with integrated solutions in a broad range of industries, market sectors, private capacities and geographies. Our mission is to enable our clients to operate around the globe, fully supported by our support services.

Our reach back capability comprises of a number of global services. Including; global security, maritime and medical risk management, supply and asset management; transportation; security systems and construction; intelligence and analysis; special security operations and mission support. Additionally, security escort personnel as well as integrated medical support.

Our global divisions and international network provide vast resource capabilities and intimate knowledge of the areas, communities, cultures and economies. In a way that enables us to deliver tailored, innovative and cost-effective solutions at a local level in the areas we operate in.

We provide continuous monitoring of programs, personnel and equipment from our global operations management team and command centre. With regional and local networks across our areas of operations, we support local economies, reduce costs and provide expedited delivery of personnel, material, equipment and supplies to our clients around the world. 

We operate our global services and divisions from our organisation's headquarters located in London, United Kingdom. Today, AG Global Strategies operates across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North, Central & South America and Australasia. 

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