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Our Global Clients. Find out about the sectors we work within and who we work for around the world.

Find out about the clients we provide our services to the sectors we work within and who we offer our services to around the world, from Europe to the rest of the world.

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Global Clients

About Us

Security advice

'At AG Global Strategies we aim to make beneficial strategic changes to improve the services to our clients around the globe.'

Corporate Sector
Global Client Base
International Private Clients
Global Industry 

AG Global Strategies is dedicated to our growing international client base and we are extremely proud of the work we do around the world. We are privileged to be given the opportunity to provide and deliver our professional services time and time again for our broad base of diverse clients.

Our services range from advisory roles to providing complete comprehensive integrated security solutions. We provide and deliver our services to a wide spectrum of sectors and global clients. From high-profile international corporates, large organisations, governments and NGOs around the world, to individuals based in Europe and the United Kingdom, regularly take advantage of our services for personal or business use.

As we look toward the future, we have developed our organisation to reflect what our clients need in these uncertain times. We stand ready to adapt our services to continue to deliver security and support around the globe. Creating an environment to ensure our clients, their organisations and their people can flourish in existing markets and new markets anywhere in the world.

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality services

Corporate Sector 

Executive security
London security

We are committed to helping our corporate clients build organisations that are secure, compliant and resilient, in a time of ever-changing risk.

Our corporate clients entrust us with the safety of their personnel and organisation and enlist us to provide extremely professional and comprehensive risk management and security solution services around the globe. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, the professional services we provide and the opportunities we can secure for our corporate partners, in long-standing and new emerging markets around the world.

​We believe that responsible risk-taking is at the core of our client's success. We have unparalleled experience in helping our clients solve the challenges and crises that arise in any ambitious organisation, seeking to convert risk into opportunity, globally. The insight and depth of experience we have gained prove invaluable in giving our clients the support they need, to grasp opportunities with greater certainty.

We support small, medium-sized and large national and international companies on their journey to greater security, compliance and resilience. They include national and multinational organisations in all sectors and industries, including tech start-ups, investment companies, banks and insurers from many parts of the world.

We operate and support corporate organisations in most cities, countries and regions across the world. We provide singular services to end-to-end comprehensive integrated services and support. This can range from security consultancy and risk assessments for new premises in Africa, to providing executive security and global travel security for staff and personnel across Europe.

Supporting businesses in achieving their goals

Global Client Base 

Private client security

We help our global private and business clients assess the risks they face anywhere in the world and provide a secure environment through our integrated services to fully protect their global interests. We assist to validate and expand our international clients understanding of these risks, delivering services to provide security and the ability to explore new opportunities in new markets around the globe.

Using our expertise and practical services, we improve our international client's ability to move nimbly and grapple with increasing complexities and the unpredictability of the world. Identifying threats and crafting strategies to mitigate risk, utilising and exploiting our services to fully protect their interests and stay ahead of competitors.

We provide a sense of how businesses are affected by global security risks and how our clients can overcome the challenges of working in unfamiliar markets. New markets require new strategies. We help our clients optimise their internal processes for evaluating risk and entering new markets, improving the success of each venture by making their organisations more secure and resilient.

Ultra-high net worth security
Security in Africa
European security
Security in Asia

Embodying an international spirit, AG Global Strategies delivers expert risk and security solutions to our clients with a global reach. Including innovative products, services and specially tailored advice. Striving for quality and excellence in our work, we recognise how important it is to ensure our clients have a safe environment to operate in, seek opportunities, develop their businesses, and allow freedom to create.

Our diverse portfolio of global private clients relies on our organisation and personnel, placing their full trust into AG Global Strategies to ensure their safety and security where they reside and while visiting or travelling into the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and the rest of the world.

International Private Clients 

Travel security

As we look towards the future, our organisation has strived to make strategic changes to better serve our clients. We are also focused on making inroads into new markets across the world to a growing international client base, ensuring the continued success of our company.

Our private clients are an extremely valued customer base for our organisation. Their business is not only an integral part of our organisation's success but has helped our specialist services adapt to deliver services with the highest level of personal service we believe all of our clients deserve.

Travel security risk assessment

We serve private clients, from international ultra high-net net worth clients to astute individuals seeking our highly professional services, each fitting seamlessly with their personal and professional lives. While providing the very best service, overall security and support needed, to protect their interests in these uncertain times, at present and into the future.

Through it all, we have created an environment aimed at ensuring that our private clients have the freedom to flourish, no matter where they are and where they operate in the world. We offer our services to safeguard their way of life and create opportunities to make a meaningful difference in their pursuits and reach new milestones in their objectives and goals.

Residential security
Private jet security
Yacht security
Estate security

Global Industry 

We offer a wide range of globally integrated specialist services to our private clients. From risk management to securing their interests around the world, our objective is to protect our clients, their family, assets and livelihoods with the highest professionalism and service available in our industry. 

Professional  bespoke services

Facility security

​We are a leading provider of global risk consultancy, security solutions, medical management, specialist training and other integrated solutions to industry in a range of environments, including those that are complex or sensitive. We develop long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, offering world-class professional solutions to match all sector and organisational requirements. By working closely with our customers to understand their goals and commercial objectives, we can enable them to operate confidently and securely, wherever their business takes them. Our solutions are provided in support of a wide number of sectors and industries, small to medium enterprises, multinational corporations and international organisations.

Since our formation, we have supported industry and their operations and projects in challenging, complex and post-conflict environments around the world. We ensure the continuity of service throughout our client's facilities, operations and supply chains. We achieve this through, planning and managing risk, security, medical preparedness, travel and logistics, to ensure critical missions are successful and our client's operations can continue in challenging and hostile regions without loss. Helping our clients operate safely and efficiently no matter where they are in the world.

Making industry more secure

Security guard service

Government & Diplomatic Clients 

International security service
VIP protection
Close protection service

​Our highly experienced personnel ensure the welfare of government staff and attached personnel operating around the world in difficult and challenging environments.

Being involved in pioneering operations and activities around the world, we aim to establish and be a leading force for driving high standards internationally within the security industry, making us a trusted partner for government and diplomatic partners around the world.

Our diplomatic security service is a branch of our company which is particularly important to our organisation. We have had a long-standing tie to British and foreign governments around the world, facilitating their movement and ensuring secure transportation and overall security while carrying out their duty. Our objective is to fully support and integrate into each operation, deployment and task. Despite being faced with the risks entailed with certain positions and locations, we ensure our client's work is carried out in the safest possible way. Help to successfully complete their mission, with the aid of our adaptable, resilient and highly professional personnel, in all challenging environments around the world.

​Our quality of service, governance processes, expertise and experience operating around the world allows our organisation to be involved in pioneering operations and activities, establishing projects surpassing international high standards within the security industry, making our organisation a trusted partner for diplomatic security around the world.

We enable our clients to conduct their diplomacy safely and securely and in a way that promotes their representatives and diplomatic efforts. We provide a full range of services to our diplomatic clients. Including; security management, protective security services, threat analysis, command, control and communications systems, and logistics and life support services. The projects our organisation can deliver, include the protection of diplomatic missions, the design of security management systems and training and development and logistics support throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Middle East security

We provide support for national governments, domestically and globally, from new development projects to established operations. We provide mission-critical support to aid the successful outcome of each mission and support in achieving overall objectives.

Governments around the world are increasingly forced to deal with a profusion of security, stabilisation and governance challenges, including conflict, terrorism, organised crime, irregular migration and corruption. Measured action is necessary to respond to these issues. We use our position as a leading provider of risk management, security and operational support services, to aid governments through these challenges worldwide. From security, crisis response and training, to logistics, life support, and technology services, we offer a wide range of capabilities to help national governments operate safely and efficiently, no matter where they are in the world.

Our team of experts, with decades of military and government experience, offer a complete planning process through intensive research, analysis and consultation. We help governments develop appropriate policies and programmes that have a positive, transformative impact on fragile and conflict-affected areas. Once developed, we then deploy operational personnel and support to implement the programmes in concert with host nations and governments.

Based on our experience, we have an advanced and specialised approach toward the development of security projects, deploying consultants, training staff and projects for government interventions around the globe. We are able to deploy and operate independently, as an advance party, or deploy alongside established operations being conducted anywhere in the world.

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