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Global Support

Government Sector

Government Sector

Supporting and assisting governments. Ensuring safe and secure operations in-country and in complex environments around the globe. Providing services from mission support, consultancy, planning, security and medical support, to crisis management and monitoring.

We provide risk management and security solutions that can assist the safe daily operations of national governments and can provide expert services anywhere in the world. From the training of essential staff, to dedicated security details and the setting up of operational centres.

As global terrorism continues to rise, the ability to identify, avoid and mitigate physical, operational and cyber threats is critical to the ongoing security of government and diplomatic work across the globe. With this increase and the complexity of the global threat landscape for governments operating at home and in high-risk, remote areas, or emerging countries, existential risks can face government operations at any time, or location.

As a trusted organisation, with extensive experience delivering security to governments worldwide,

we deliver elite, professional protective services to safeguard governments locally and their operations overseas, whether diplomatic, military, or aid-oriented. Our intelligent, customised  security solutions are specifically designed to seamlessly operate alongside primary operations, allowing our clients the ability to remain focused on their business or objectives within a secure environment.

We support national governments, foreign militaries and host nation security forces through the provision of personal security details and convoy escort teams for dignitaries, government officials and personnel, as well as static and site security services for government compounds, emergency relief centres and other temporary and permanent government facilities, around the world. We operate across the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australasia and the Americas. We have vast experience mobilising and managing large numbers of security teams and local guard-forces, on-site, in remote, complex, conflict-ridden areas and disaster zones.

Having managed protective operations for government agencies, we have extensive experience planning and implementing operations to protect critical facilities that support infrastructure.Our team of professionally trained, protective security specialists, are led by former government, military, police and special operations personnel and staff. They are experts in security, counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical operations and high-risk crisis operations.


At AG Global Strategies, service and safety take precedence. We are widely known for our stringent training requirements and standards, exacting code of ethics, astute strategy and flawless operational execution. Our security solutions reflect our operational capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the spectrum of potential threats, as well as the highly trained resources needed to implement plans effectively and have the ability to develop and implement fully integrated, comprehensive security programs, around the globe. 

Whether providing risk management services, or security solutions for governments locally, or globally, in stable regions, or in complex environments. Our aim is to fundamentally mitigate any potential risks to our clients operations, allowing them to continue to conduct their core business, under all but the most exceptional circumstances.

Risk Management 


Our security consultants and advisers assess and provide governments with the information needed to make the right decisions, regarding all aspects of security.


  • Security Risk Assessment - accurate threat, risk and vulnerability assessments, to identify the potential threat to our government clients and diplomat's working around the world. Including, their personal lives and threats to their residencies, property, assets and interests.

  • Security Survey & Audits - Comprehensive security surveys and audits are the primary method to evaluate the effectiveness of a security system, or operation in place. They provide valuable information, highlight vulnerabilities and are essential to effectively recommend improvements, procedures and security systems that can be introduced to enhance overall security.

  • Security Planning & Advice - comprehensive security planning and advisory services, to facilitate and secure our clients’ staff and operations. Supporting our clients decision making and project planning processes. We combine this with our understanding of our clients requirements, the operational context and environment, to design a purpose-built security strategy to help our clients transform their security programmes and ensure an effective execution and responsive improvements throughout.

  • Security Systems & Installation - specialist consultants, project managers, contractors and teams of technical industry experts assess, advise, design, install and maintain the systems and physical security, required to protect staff, buildings, facilities, assets and interests.

  • Global Travel Risk Management - assess the risks associated with all travel itinerary. In order to recommend, plan and implement suitable travel security arrangements for all global travel. 

  • Medical Risk Management - comprehensive medical needs risk assessment, local facilities coordination and emergency medical evacuation planning, to successfully repatriate staff post incident.

Security Services

  • Close Protection - comprehensive staff, official personnel, diplomat or ministerial security and close protection services in the form of Close Protection Teams (CPTs). Comprised of the optimum number of Close Protection Officers (CPOs), vehicles and equipment to significantly enhance security and safety.

  • Residential & Property Security - Residential Security Officers, provide a professional off-site, or in-house security solution, to protect and secure each residence, property, estate and asset, 24-hours per day, 365-days per year.

  • Personal Security Driver - personal security drivers to safeguard officials, diplomats and staff, associates, sensitive documents/laptops and personal belongings. Wether for daily use, or on a scheduled trip, or a required full-time, dedicated service. 

  • Global Travel Security - international travel security service to most countries across the world. Our security specialists conduct continuous risk assessments during operations, taking into account all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations and intended destinations, ensuring a safe and secure journey throughout. Our teams assess, plan, initiate and facilitate each movement from the start of all transits, to their final destination and thereafter. 

  • Hostile Environment Security - high-threat protective security services in arduous, complex environments. With a wealth of operational experience and expertise gained and held by our departments and personnel, we are in a unique position to be able to deliver services utilising some of the world’s most elite and experienced security specialists.

  • Security Guards - the security of locations and staff without disrupting existing operational activities. We use solutions developed around a in-depth understanding of the requirements of our clients work and ensure the safety of locations and assets, of both a physical and digital nature. Operating 24/7 operations rooms, perimeter, entrance and gate security, guard force and mobile patrols.

Crisis Response

Risk Management

Travel Security

Hostile Environment

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Global Sectors

AG Global Strategies - Private Clients

Expert risk management and security services for our private clients, associated VIPs and family members, their residences, property, family offices, businesses and assets.

AG Global Strategies - Corporate Sector

Corporate risk management and security solutions to suit all businesses and organisations, from multinational corporations, to small enterprises within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Oil & Gas Sector

We are a global leader in expert risk and security solutions, for the global oil & gas and mining sector. Providing expert industrial risk management, static and mobile security solutions and exploratory security services, for international Oil & Gas and mining companies around the globe. 

AG Global Strategies - Maritime Sector

We are a leading provider of maritime security services and anti-piracy operations. With extensive vessel protection experience protecting some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies and super yacht clients around the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Insurance Sector

Global risk management, security solutions and crisis management for global insurers around the world.

AG Global Strategies - Media Sector

Security for media teams and organisations around the world. Working locally in their country of origin, or around the globe, we professionally facilitate security for all staff during international travel, while mobile, or on location.

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