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Career Opportunities: Find out about our risk management and security industry jobs, from London, the United Kingdom and Europe, to the rest of the world.

Find out about our global career opportunities working alongside some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. From corporate, private and industrial security to maritime and hostile environment security.

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Global Jobs and Career Prospects

Information about our growing global client base and the work we do for our diverse international customers around the world.

Our International Clients

We have developed our organisation to reflect what our clients need in uncertain times, adapting our services to continue to deliver security and support to our clients in each sector around the globe.

& Industries

Working for us

An attractive and exciting organisation to work for

We want to attract the best

We are a global organisation committed to our diverse global clients found across a broad spectrum of sectors and locations around the world. Our success is built around the talented individuals and teams that work for us, that embody the professionalism and extremely high standards our company and personnel hold. We are dedicated to driving forward into new emerging markets and regions, creating exciting opportunities for our personnel and partners and securing our client's interests across the globe.    

Challenging opportunities

We believe the success of our organisation fundamentally stems from the high calibre of our personnel and that we are an organisation that is committed to recruiting the most professional, driven and dynamic people we can find with the right mindset to join our valued teams and departments. We seek high-quality, skilled individuals and motivated innovative team-oriented professionals, for positions in challenging roles, complex operations and demanding environments around the world.

Our people

Our personnel range from newly qualified service leavers, whom we work with to guide and rapidly build their experience and career to realise their full potential, to professionals that seek exciting opportunities and challenges, in multiple functions and environments around the globe. Professionals, looking for a company that can facilitate this and actively encourages mobility within the company, to seasoned industry professionals drawn to our diverse rewarding roles with freedom and high levels of direct responsibility, with an organisation that strives for the best.

If you would like to explore career opportunities with us, please contact our careers team with your interest.

Global Locations

EMEA - Europe, the Middle East, Africa
NAF - North Africa
EAF - East Africa
AMER - North America, South & Central America
APAC - Asia Pacific
ANZ - Australasia, New Zealand

Industrial Facility Security - AG Global Strategies Risk, Planning & Security

Crisis Response - AG Global Strategies Global Emergency & Crisis Response 

Risk Management - AG Global Strategies Global Risk Management & Security Consultancy 

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