Global Security Threats: Find out about global security threats.

Find out about security threats around the world, from terrorism, serious crime and kidnap to natural disasters, overseas emergencies and cyber crime.


Global Security Threats

Threats we all face around the world


Find out about global security threats that can affect us all at anytime around the world.

Global Security Threats

Threats we all face around the world

About Global Security Threats and Regional Instability - The modern world faces an unprecedented convergence of international security threats and instability. This coupled with the rise in national and international crime rates and crime organisations, that increasingly cross national borders in a legal and illegal migratory way, can pose an incalculable threat to the international community, in an increasingly globalised world. 

High-intensity conflict and instability span the globe, and the spectrum of instability includes regions and states that are not necessarily in overt conflict, but that is institutionally and economically fragile and vulnerable to shocks. The range of threats among them includes regional coercion and interference, transnational terrorism, health insecurity, use of chemical and other unconventional weapons, substantial displacement of peoples and populations, and overwhelming humanitarian crises creating a complex operating environment.

Criminal experts, police, law enforcement officials and agencies around the world have reported a significant increase in the range and scope of international criminal activity over the past three decades. The level and severity of this activity and the accompanying growth in the power and influence of international criminal organisations have posed a considerable threat the international community and has raised concerns among global organisations, business and governments around the world. Particularly in Western democracies, concerning the threat criminals pose to governability and stability in many countries and particularly to the global economy. It is clear that international criminal networks have taken advantage of the opportunities resulting from the changes in the modern world of politics, business, technology, and communications, that has rapidly increased the scope, adaptable speed and threat of international crime to individuals and governments alike. 

Traditional methods of response have proven increasingly ineffective against modern global conflict and instability crises, with the combination of threats and instability presenting unique challenges for governments and policymakers. The International community has thus become increasingly reliant on modernised professional security organisations to manage risk, provide analysis and security solutions to meet security objectives when faced with complex global threats and regional instability around the globe.

Due to international criminal networks, including traditional organised crime groups and drug-trafficking organisations, taking advantage​ of the changes in technology, world politics, and the global economy, they have in-turn become more sophisticated and flexible in their operations. Having extensive worldwide networks and infrastructure to support their criminal operations. These organisations are increasingly flexible in their operations and adapt rapidly to challenges from national and international law enforcement. Furthermore, these criminal organisations have enormous financial resources to draw upon. Enabling international criminals to have the ability to corrupt government, police and law enforcement officials in foreign countries, that serve as their bases of operation, or as critical route for the transportation of drugs, arms, other illegal items, illegal migrants, or trafficked vulnerable men, women and children. The threat posed by organised crime groups routinely includes targeted and general violence to advance and protect their interests, posing a significant threat to anyone in their vicinity.

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