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Private Clients

Superyacht security

Private client services: Protecting people, assets and interests across Europe, the Americas and the rest of the world.

Find out how we can help you with our integrated professional security risk management and security services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Private Clients

We provide professional security risk management services and professional security services for private clients, VIPs and family members, their residences, property, businesses and assets around the world.

Global Private Clients

We work directly for United Kingdom-based and international private clients across the globe and have years of experience providing professional security services for both Ultra-high-net Worth and High-net Worth Individuals and their families.

These services range from personal ‘bodyguard’ security services at home and abroad and the security of private residences and estates to security services onboard superyachts from our ship security officers and our maritime security department, based here in London. 


Other popular services include expert security risk management, planning and security advice for family members, security surveys and security services for newly purchased residences and property and the security of businesses and assets around the globe.

Our bespoke security risk management, security services and other integrated services include coverage of all global travel and overseas interests, ensuring a comprehensive, tailored and personalised service wherever our clients choose to be in the world.

Understanding what you need

Our experience means we have a broad appreciation of what our clients want, combined with an understanding of the value of taking the time to assess what our clients precisely need. 


This experience enables us to identify the right strategy to put in place and determine what level of security our clients require to keep them safe and protect their families now and in the future.

With the increase of targeted crime against High-net Worth Individuals and their families, as well as the underlying threat of other crimes, global terrorism, kidnapping and other violence, security has, as a result, become extremely important and increasingly necessary for our clients. 

Additionally, we understand the current increase in global travel and the desire to visit new and exciting places means our clients face the increased potential of being exposed to greater risk.

We aim to mitigate any potential risk to our clients on a global basis, covering all security issues they may face while allowing them to continue to conduct their personal and business affairs without disruption and under all circumstances.

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