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Global Logistics


Professional logistics management: Securing freight and business operations across the globe.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our logistics management service. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Global Logistics Management 

Global Logistics

Global Logistics Management Services, keeping consignments secure around the world

Logistics Management Services

  • AG Global Strategies offers integrated logistical solutions on a global scale, as well as consistently surpassing our clients' requirements for security and care. We understand that our clients' priority is to transport their items and shipments securely, on time and in full. We offer a full spectrum of transport logistics solutions and tracking services that provide flexibility for our customers and provide secure transport of different items and consignments, globally.

  • One of the great challenges for individuals and organisations operating on an international scale is the ability to seamlessly navigate an environment that is constantly changing. With operations in many countries, AG Global Strategies delivers agile, scalable and cost-effective logistics and support solutions, that easily integrate into our clients' day-to-day lives and operations.

What services do we offer?

Logistics Management

Tracking Management

Secure Transportation

Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Transportation

How can we help you?

Air Freight

Sea Freight 

Road Freight 

High-value Asset Transportation

Secure Courier

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Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping and transportation management, there to ensure the safety and security of transported vehicles, around the world


Vehicle Shipping

We provide global satellite tracking for each shipment, operated and supported by our 24/7 Control Room based in the United Kingdom. Our operators routinely track multiple assets across the globe, to ensure each shipment's progress is monitored and location known and to react immediately and respond should an issue occur. 


Vehicle Transportation

We offer a globally tracked, enclosed, secure transportation service, for single, or multiple, high-value vehicles. Our logistics and asset management service can expertly control the collection of vehicles, from a chosen pick-up point within the United Kingdom, or Europe and delivered to a nominated delivery destination, or drop-off point.

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Steps to secure what’s important

Global logistics and transportation management of assets around the world. We provide logistic management, monitoring and tracking of all single or multiple consignments being transported around the world.

Our logistic service also offers; logistic management, high-value asset management and transportation, vehicle shipping and transportation, global tracking, courier services and global air, sea and road freight services. 

Our full-service offering creates an environment that removes the burden from our clients, of organising and planning time-consuming logistics and transportation of their consignments, enabling them to focus on their core business demands.

Our operating system ensures immediate updates, alerts and other important information, are routinely sent, to enable effective tracking. This technology also provides various levels of monitoring in our 24/7 global operations centre, ensuring each shipment is safely protected throughout.

Our logistics team liaises with carriers on our customer's behalf, with direct lines of communication and global tracking services, our team of professionals can manage, assist and support our clients with bespoke logistics air, sea and road freight solutions, for all container and non-containerised freight, globally.


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How can we help you? 

Global logisitcs management

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Other services we offer

Find out about our other services and how we can help you secure what's important to you 

Global Security

Securing our world.

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