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Integrated global services -

Secure logistics across the world.

Global Logistics

Logistic Management Services

  • Global Logistic Management Services

    Global logistics and transportation management of assets around the world.

  • What is the


    We provide logistic management, monitoring and tracking of all single or multiple consignments being transported around the world.

  • What does our service


    Our logistic service also offers; logistic management, high-value asset management and transportation, vehicle shipping and transportation, global tracking, courier services and global air, sea and road freight services. 


AG Global Strategies offers integrated logistical solutions on a global scale, as well as consistently surpassing our clients' requirements for security and care. We understand that our clients' priority is to transport their items and shipments securely, on time and in full. We offer a full spectrum of transport logistics solutions and tracking services that provide flexibility for our customers and provides secure transport of different items and consignments, globally.

One of the great challenges for individuals and organisations operating on an international scale is the ability to seamlessly navigate an environment that is constantly changing. With operations in many countries, AG Global Strategies delivers agile, scalable and cost-effective logistics and support solutions, that easily integrate into our clients' day-to-day lives and operations.


    • Our logistics management service, offers a comprehensive logistical solution to our clients. We deliver an 'end to end' management, assistance, support and delivery service, with a wide-array of logistical solutions for time sensitive, complex, high value, or other consignments. 



    • Our full-service offering, creates an environment that removes the burden from our clients, of organising and planning time consuming logistical and transportation of their consignments, enabling them to focus on their core business demands.

    • AG Global Strategies utilises tracking and monitoring technology to provide real-time tracking for consignments in transit around the world. Our goal is to ensure duty of care of our clients consignments and to log the location and progress of each shipment. 



    • Our operating system ensures immediate updates, alerts and other important information, is routinely sent, to enable effective tracking. This technology also provides various levels of monitoring in our 24/7 global operations centre, ensuring each shipment is safely protected throughout. 

    • Our leading UK & European Secure Courier service is a safe, secure and efficient method of transporting consignments. We ensure, time critical, high-value items are fully secure, expertly transported and delivered on schedule. Our secure courier services are tracked in real-time and monitored by our operations control room.



    • Providing our couriers with continuous communication and vital support, in order to protect and assist the safe delivery of our clients consignments, at every stage. We provide a 'same day' service, to ensure our client's shipments arrive at their intended destination, in a pre-arranged time frame and critical deadlines are met, specific requirements are fulfilled and high expectations are surpassed. 

  • We offer a globally tracked, safe and secure enclosed transportation service, for single, or multiple, high-value vehicles. Our logistics and asset management service, is able to expertly control the collection of vehicles, from a chosen pick-up point within the United Kingdom, or Europe and delivered to a nominated delivery destination, or drop-off point. Including within; Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa and the UAE.



  • Our asset management team and partners conduct thorough risk assessments and planning, to ensure each shipment is expertly handled and secure at every stage. We provide our clients with a detailed outline of our movement order, to make sure that each individual service requirement is observed and completed to our client's specification, providing peace of mind from the outset. During transit each load is continuously monitored and managed from our control centre and supported by scheduled communications and updates form our movement team during the operation.

  • Complementing our vehicle transportation service, we provide global satellite tracking for each shipment, operated and supported by our 24/7 Control Room based in the United Kingdom. Our operators routinely track multiple assets across the globe, to ensure of each shipment's location and progress and to react immediately and respond should an issue occur. 



  • Our logistics team are extremely experienced and have the technical knowledge to safely handle each shipment to the highest of standards, to guarantee each vehicle is safely, securely and expertly contained and shipped. The fleet of secure enclosed transporters we operate, are extremely versatile and able to load most vehicle types for transport. We provide our fully insured services to a number of international private, commercial and corporate clients, requiring our service. Delivering high-value vehicles to residential and commercial addresses across the world.  

    • We offer an air freight logistical solution that delivers a first-class service to our clients, globally. Operating in some of the world’s busiest airports, we are strategically located to ensure that we are always ready to meet our client’s needs. However complex our client's air freight needs are, our team ensures that a safe and secure transportation service is ready at any time.

    • We offer integrated air freight management and logistic services for time-critical freight, sensitive cargo, heavy and oversized consignments, humanitarian and relief aid, freight to remote, hostile and complex destinations and regions and onboard courier services around the globe. Our logistics managers and experts are able to assist you with all planning, management and on the ground points of contact, to make sure that all aspects of your freight management run smoothly.


    • With the vast majority of global trade moving by sea, AG Global Strategies understands the importance of striving to be leaders, within the sea freight logistics industry. Subsequently, our highly experienced logistics team, brings with them, extensive knowledge of both the import and export market. 

    • Our logistics team liaises with carriers on our customers behalf, with direct lines of communication and global tracking services, our team of professionals can manage, assist and support our clients with a bespoke logistics sea freight solution, for all container and non-containerised freight, globally.


    • Our dedicated fleet of vehicles operate nationally throughout the UK and Europe, delivering both full, part, and consolidated loads. Our logistics department manage the planning, loading and delivery of each individual shipment, ensuring each consignment arrives at their intended destination, at the required delivery time. 

    • We offer a variety of road freight services to transport consignments in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Our team of logistic specialists work 24/7, with access to dedicated vehicles to offer the largest possible range of road delivery service options across the world. We can collect and deliver consignments including over-sized and heavy items from any location in the fastest possible time. We can provide vehicles of all sizes and capabilities and cater to all our client's requirements when it comes to road transport and logistics. These range from light courier vans to abnormal loads. Transit times are scheduled to meet time-sensitive requirements; from a dedicated vehicle, for the fastest possible route by road, to co-loads and consolidations for less urgent road freight. Our professional management team take care of all road transportation and logistics. 



  • We have invested considerably in the quality of our personnel and they reflect the high standards we hold and that are expected by our clients. Our individuals and logistics management teams are selected to suit each client’s logistic requirements. Including, to suit the operational environment and region our clients operate in and locations we deploy to around the world.

  • Our logistics experts hold extensive professional expertise and qualifications in logistic management and private security. Our logistics department commands vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the logistics and transportation industry, from Europe to the most challenging and dangerous environments around the globe. All AG Global Strategies logistics management experts are former British Special Forces and British Military Elite, trained to the highest of standards in logistics and security.



Industry expertise across all divisions of our organisation and the unique capabilities of our personnel.

Our international expertise -


Operations we conduct around the world.

International operations -



    • We provide corporate Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all types of corporate buildings and offices around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Corporate Building & Office security and Security Systems & Installation. 


    • We provide facility Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for small, medium and large facilities and locations of all types around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Static & Site Security, Security Systems & Installation and Physical Security Installation. 


    • We provide industrial installation level Security Consultancy,  Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for large industrial sites, for numerous sectors and industries around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; site Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Static & Site Security, Physical Security Installation and Security Systems. 


    • We provide individual and private Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all types of property, residential buildings, estates and other buildings around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; private Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Residential & Property Security, Physical Security Installation and Security Systems. 


Find out how we can help protect what's important to you


AG Global Strategies - Asset Security & Tracking Solutions

We provide security and tracking solutions for high-value items and shipments around the world. We use tracking and monitoring technology to provide real-time tracking, incident response and asset management for static and mobile assets around the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Global Travel Security Solutions 

Comprehensive domestic and international travel risk assessments, recommendations, planning, advice, security and protection for our clients and their organisations across the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Static & Site Security

Static man-guarding of sites, checkpoints and main entrances. Including, perimeter and internal security patrols, manned control rooms and managing access control for critical infrastructure facilities, commercial sites and other major locations.

AG Global Strategies - Security Consultancy

Professional guidance, advice, assessments and surveys for all of our client’s security needs. Our security consultants are on hand to guide and advise our corporate and private clients across the globe.​

London security company

Securing our world

Professional risk management and security services

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