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Global Locations: Find out about some of the locations we conduct operations in around the world.

Find out about the types of locations we can conduct operations in around the world, from security operations in Europe, Africa to South America and risk management services across Europe and Asia.

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Global Locations

Where we operate around the world

Ship security
Port security
Industrial site security

AG Global Strategies operates in six continents and various regions, countries, locations and cities across the world. Including locations in; Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America and Australasia. Our objective is to develop our client base within the MENA (the Middle East & North Africa) region, with a drive to continue growing and expanding our global footprint in the wider area of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

AG Maritime Security Solutions, also operates in most seas, oceans and ports across the world, ensuring our client's security at sea and access to international seaports.

We are committed to expanding our global footprint and to project further around the globe, to offer our integrated solutions and services to new and emerging markets, international clients and to secure their global interests into the future.


  • We operate in support of our clients across Europe. Providing risk management and security solutions to a wide spectrum of sectors, government departments and private clients. From our UK headquarters located in London, we manage and deploy our services to safeguard our clients and organisations, whether based and operating within Europe or deploying around the world. 


  • Africa is a key region for our organisation. Our divisions of risk management, security solutions, medical support and maritime security solutions' objective, is to develop into North & East Africa and to be significantly involved throughout the wider continent of Africa. In support of African based customers and international clients aiming to operate across this region, within these developing economies, at these exciting times.


  • AG Global Strategies personnel have vast experience of operating in a number of countries within the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). Each of our divisions can operate individually, or collectively, to deliver integrated services in support of industry, governments, NGOs and corporations operating within this region. 


  • We are an outlooking organisation and we aim to grow our global footprint into new and developing markets. Bringing our expertise to as many places as possible. Supporting our global clients wherever they reside and safeguarding our international clients projecting into new regions within Asia and the wider world. 


  • Our organisation can operate and deliver our services across the Americas. Delivering professional services and support from locations across South America, Central America and North America throughout. Including, support of our clients based in these locations operating across the globe.   


  • Australia, New Zealand and surrounding areas are within reach of our organisation's capacity. We provide security and intelligence services in the region and maritime security solutions in the surrounding seas and oceans.

Find out if we operate where you and your organisation need to be.

Global security company
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