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Global Specialist Medical Support Solutions for Clients Around the World.

We provide global medical risk assessments, operational medical planning and deploy medical professionals to support our clients globally.


Our professional consultants and team supports our clients to achieve the most beneficial medical cover available, assessing exactly what is required, deploying suited medical professionals and delivering the highest quality of service. We provide our services in some of the most challenging and complex regions and locations around the world and support our clients in a wide variety of ways in multiple sectors.

Our specialist team has expertise in providing medical support under the most challenging circumstances. Their in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise offers our clients a unique capability with the best solutions available for their needs, from consultancy and strategic advice to the latest medical equipment and support.

Medical Risk Management & Planning -


Private and corporate global medical risk management, planning and advice. Ensuring all medical risks are identified, managed, planned for and contingency planning is in place for every location and project anywhere in the world.

Medical Capability & Support -


Our medical capabilities for support of private and corporate clients and organisations anywhere around the world, ensuring their wellbeing and expertly managing all medical concerns and emergencies. 

Medical Care & Equipment -


The care and specialist equipment our medical professionals can supply and deliver.

Medical Solutions.



Global Medical Risk Management & Planning - Medical Capability & Support - Medical Care & Equipment

Global Medical Support


  • Medical Risk Assessments & Operational Planning​

  • High-Level Medical Cover & Support​

  • Remote Clinical Advice Services ​

  • Crisis Management ​

  • Clinical Governance

  • Expeditions

  • Travelling

  • Overseas business 

  • Exploration

  • Oil, Gas & Mining Projects

  • De-Mining Projects

  • Maritime 

  • Natural disasters / rescue services

  • Media organisations / correspondents