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Corporate Sector

Global Customers

Corporate Sector

We provide corporate risk management and security solutions to suit all businesses and organisations, from multinational corporations to small enterprises within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Our consultants assist in assessing the amount of risk posed to our clients and make recommendations to the level of security needed, relative to the perceived threat.

We develop and implement fully integrated, comprehensive security programs, for organisations and corporate client's; headquarters, regional offices, critical infrastructure, facilities and other sites around the world.

Today’s new world places different demands, challenges and risks on domestic and international businesses, as they look to establish themselves and operate in the global market place. Operating in emerging markets can also pose a number of inherent risks, from both a security and intellectual property perspective. Additionally, terrorism, political unrest and generalised criminal activity, not only have a potential effect on the operating procedures of a business, but also present the possibility of threat to the security of their company employees and company assets.

We have a proven track record of support to corporations of all sizes, working closely with regional and global organisations to assess the risks involved and ensure the protection, safety and security of headquarters, corporate buildings, assets and personnel around the globe.


Whether providing risk management services, or security solutions for United Kingdom based, or international organisations, our aim is to mitigate any potential risks to our clients. Allowing them to continue to conduct their core business under all but the most exceptional circumstances.

Risk Management


Our security consultants and advisers assess and provide our clients with the information needed to make the right decisions regarding all aspects of security.


  • Security Risk Assessment - accurate threat, risk and vulnerability assessments to identify the potential threat to our clients personal lives and threats to their property, assets and interests.

  • Security Survey & Audits - Comprehensive security surveys and audits are the primary method to evaluate the effectiveness of a security system, or operation in place. They provide valuable information, highlight vulnerabilities and are essential to effectively recommend improvements, procedures and security systems that can be introduced to enhance overall security.

  • Security Planning & Advice - comprehensive security planning and advisory services to facilitate and secure our clients’ business operations. Supporting our clients decision making and project planning processes. We combine this with our understanding of our clients personal and business goals, the operational context and sector, to design a purpose-built security strategy to help our clients transform their security programmes and ensure an effective execution and responsive improvements throughout.

  • Security Systems & Installation - specialist consultants, project managers and teams of technical industry experts assess, advise, design, install and maintain the systems required to protect our clients property and assets.

Intelligence Services

  • Corporate Intelligence - accurate information and intelligence to support decision making processes. 

  • Country Risk - accurate information and intelligence regarding new markets and country risk, allowing our clients to enter challenging markets with confidence and a strategic advantage.

  • Intelligence Gathering - to help our clients make informed decisions factoring in risk and stability in new markets.

  • Due Diligence - Effective due diligence is an essential process all companies have to implement. Our due diligence services reduces the risk to new ventures, whether from a legal, financial or commercial perspective. Our services also include comprehensive screening and background checks, exploiting sophisticated technology to conduct thorough research to aid our clients throughout.

  • Investigations - We provide our clients with detailed reports on companies, as well as comprehensive and custom reports on company directors and other individuals of interest. From surveillance to computer forensics, we use the latest technologies and tried and tested methods to guarantee thorough and discreet investigations.

  • Disputes - specialist asset tracing and investigative support, gathering open source information, evidence and intelligence to identify assets, map networks, and identify new lines of investigation across various jurisdictions.

Security Services

  • Corporate Building Security - technical, procedural, physical and manned security services that covers the protection of corporate head offices, commercial office buildings, and individual offices within London and across the wider United Kingdom.

  • Security Guards - the security of buildings, facilities, locations and employees, without disrupting existing operational activities. We use solutions developed around a in-depth understanding of the requirements of our corporate clients and ensure the safety of sites and assets of both a physical and digital nature.

  • Executive Security - professional executive security and executive protection services in the form of individual Executive Protection Officers (EPO) or security details, comprised of a dedicated Executive Protection Officer, or the optimum number of executive protection personnel.

  • Personal Security Driver - personal security drivers to safeguard executives and clients, their companions, staff, associates and personal belongings. Wether for daily use, or during a business trip, or a required full-time dedicated service. 

  • Global Travel Security - international travel security service for executives and staff residing in the United Kingdom and for global clients in most countries across the world. Our security specialists conduct continuous risk assessments during operations, taking into account all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations and intended destinations, ensuring a safe and secure journey throughout. Our teams assess, plan, initiate and facilitate each movement, from the start of our clients transit, to their final destination and thereafter. 

Crisis Response

Risk Management

Executive Security

Corporate Building Security

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Global Sectors

AG Global Strategies - Private Clients

Expert risk management and security services for our private clients, associated VIPs and family members, their residences, property, family offices, businesses and assets.

AG Global Strategies - Government Sector

Supporting and assisting governments. Ensuring safe and secure operations in-country and in complex environments around the globe. Providing services from consultancy, planning, security and medical support, to crisis management and monitoring.

AG Global Strategies - Oil & Gas Sector

We are a global leader in expert risk and security solutions, for the global oil & gas and mining sector. Providing expert industrial risk management, static and mobile security solutions and exploratory security services, for international Oil & Gas and mining companies around the globe. 

AG Global Strategies - Maritime Sector

We are a leading provider of maritime security services and anti-piracy operations. With extensive vessel protection experience protecting some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies and super yacht clients around the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Insurance Sector

Global risk management, security solutions and crisis management for global insurers around the world.

AG Global Strategies - Media Sector

Security for media teams and organisations around the world. Working locally in their country of origin, or around the globe, we professionally facilitate security for all staff during international travel, while mobile, or on location.

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