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AG Global Strategies Crisis Management & Emergency Response, provides a dedicated global crisis management and response solution, that is able to deploy to incidents and situations at any time, around the globe. 

Our security experts, crisis management, crisis response consultants and medical professionals, are highly experienced in providing preventative, preparatory and post-incident specialist support to corporate, government, non-governmental and high-net worth individuals. We have vast operational experience, robust management skills, rapid response capabilities and a global network of partners and expertise at our disposal. Our specialist consultants and teams are deployed globally across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North, South & Central America, providing rapid response, where and when it is required.


We offer a solution that provides services from kidnap and ransom (K&R) response, security planning, medical support, to response and recovery services, covering a wide range of crisis events. Whether crisis management and support is required following a security event, or serious medical incident, natural disaster, or required to extract and evacuate during a regional crisis, our specialist teams will respond to our clients needs at any time, anywhere in the world. ​

AG Global Strategies in-house Crisis Response service is managed through our global crisis management and operations management teams and supported through our network of international field-based operations teams. Our rapid deployment teams are fielded by expert security consultants, security specialists, case handlers and medical professionals with backgrounds in the British Special Forces, Elite Forces and specialist Medical and Police units. With vast amounts of experience in the private and hostile environment security industry.   

AG Global Strategies Crisis Management & Emergency Response works hand in hand with our Medical Solutions department, to facilitate casualty evacuation and medical assistance, enabling a joint security and medical response service.

Each of our clients receive a 24/7 crisis telephone hotline; dedicated analytical support to crisis situations; pre-incident advisory services, including consultancy, planning templates and guidelines; and continuous access to our team of expert crisis responders.





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