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Why Choose Us? Find out about our organisation and why you should choose us.

Find out about our organisation, what drives us and how we can help you and your organisation.

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Why Choose Us

About Us

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'At AG Global Strategies, client satisfaction and cost-effectiveness are fundamental to our services and operations. This is kept at the forefront of our decision-making process, during our comprehensive planning and during the delivery of our services...'


At AG Global Strategies, we are driven by a passion to deliver security for our clients across the world. We have decades of operational experience supporting a wide range of sectors and clients, delivering cost-effective accessible services. We provide our services for; private individuals, corporates, industry, governments, non-governmental agencies and maritime, energy, aviation and critical infrastructure industries. We hold in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in several specialist services and solutions and have a strong track record of delivering these services to a high degree of professionalism and operational excellence around the world. 

Our corporate responsibility is an integral part of the services we provide and the way we operate and run our organisation. We believe that how we serve our clients, stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate will be a reflection of our organisation as a whole. We therefore unquestionably adhere to industry codes of practice and United Kingdom industry standards and licence regulations and are committed to upholding these standards in our organisation and across our industry. AG Global Strategies is a responsible employer and with the expertise, we employ to deliver the specialist services we offer around the globe, we are committed to supporting and investing in the future of our personnel and our future personnel, strengthening our organisation and securing our client's future. 

We are dedicated to providing highly professional risk management and security services. We are equally committed to ensuring client satisfaction is delivered and care is taken to maintain this during the delivery of our services and operations. This commitment is held central to our decision-making process, during our comprehensive planning and throughout the delivery of our services.


Our organisation has a clear aim to remove all barriers. From the first communication to the delivery of service and thereafter, we aim to make our fully integrated global solutions and services as accessible as possible. With a drive to deliver precisely what our clients require, surpassing all expectations, we strive to continuously improve our services and our client’s experience. From the first moment, our advisers seek to identify the most beneficial and suitable level of service available to our clients, able to deliver a high degree of service and support at the optimal cost. We have dedicated personal client managers, consultants and service managers, that stay in continuous communication. Ensuring the most appropriate and advantageous options are advised, implemented, continued and optimised to precisely fit with what our clients demand at present and into the future. Our managers and advisors aim to helpfully set out and convey how each effective service can be simply and effortlessly implemented and professionally executed and how flexibility is achieved throughout our integrated services. 


We endeavour to develop a complete understanding of our client's needs. We establish and build long-term relationships that benefit our clients and partners to provide an above-and-beyond service while simultaneously gaining high levels of confidence and trust in our services. AG Global Strategies services are designed and structured to closely fit around our client's operations and objectives, at present and into the future. Our objective is to ensure the core flexibility and efficiency of our services, to extend our support where necessary, to grow with our clients and widen and effectively integrate the services provided. During our planning process, we seek to communicate how our intended strategy will be implemented and how services will be delivered. Highlighting what the considerable potential could be, as well as demonstrating the intended future direction of our services and what our intentions are at every stage. We, therefore, ensure transparency at every level, maintaining cost and service efficiency, value and delivering service sustainability.

AG Global Strategies are pleased to provide services in support of our valued clients, from the United Kingdom to the rest of the world. We stand ready to support our clients in achieving their goals and assisting with these ambitions, by fundamentally providing expertise, high levels of security and service, ensuring freedom and creating certainty. We aim to free our clients from risk, security concerns and restrictions, allowing our clients to operate freely and pursue important business with greater impunity. 

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