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Global Customers

Media Sector

Media Sector

We provide security for media teams and organisations around the world. Working locally in their country of origin, or around the globe, we professionally facilitate security for all staff during international travel, while mobile, or on location.

We fully understand the importance of time sensitive reporting, fulfilling the objective, flexibility, discretion, maintaining integrity and keeping all media teams safe and secure at all times.

We offer media risk management and security services, in areas such as physical protection, country advice, guidance, crisis management, technical support and tracking, to a reassuring security presence. We have many years experience in providing these protection services and support to media teams deployed around the globe, including in conflict-affected regions.

Providing security for media companies has fast become an area of expertise for AG Global Strategies. The variety of work around the world and often fast paced nature of media security, means our specialist security solution is an ideal response to the risks faced. As a trusted supplier to major media broadcasters, we understand the extensive risk management needs of media organisations – especially for teams deployed on-the-ground, in remote areas.

We provide specialist risk management, security consultancy, close protection and medical cover for media teams working around the world. Including within developing, complex, or hostile locations and provide expert advice regarding each location the media teams are travelling through and deploying to.

Risk Management


Our security consultants and advisers are on hand to provide our clients with all necessary pre-deployment information before travel including;

  • Global Travel Risk Management - travel advice, security reports and real-time alerts, to provide ongoing intelligence and information, relevant to the region and area deployed to.

  • Country reports - we help personnel understand the threats, cultural sensitivities and precautions necessary to take before departure to their destination.

  • Client specific, journey itinerary and major event reporting - to ensure our clients are updated, reassured and actions can be taken concerning movement and any major event is covered at all times with intelligence reports, alerts and security information that can be disseminated to all teams.  

Security Services 


Our media security solution means we can protect and monitor media personnel anywhere in the world, often providing services at very short notice and includes;

  • Close Protection - Media teams are provided with expert security operators/teams and drivers to provide 24hr security and can be met by security personnel with suitable vehicles, in-country.

  • Hostile Environment Security - high-threat protective security services in arduous, complex environments. With a wealth of operational experience and expertise gained and held by our departments and personnel, we are in a unique position to be able to deliver services utilising some of the world’s most elite and experienced security specialists.

  • Global Travel Security - providing planning and security for and during all movements, using all methods of transport. 

  • Tracking technology - real-time tracking can monitor all personnel and journeys, around the globe.

Crisis Response 


If a media team is involved in an incident, we can provide crisis management and respond accordingly. 

  • Urgent evacuations - we can deploy security experts and medical personnel and equipment to ensure our clients, or casualties are repatriated as quickly and safely as possible.  

  • Kidnap & Ransom response - our experts can respond to Kidnap & Ransom situations with teams of advisers and support form our integrated services.

Travel Security Solutions

Crisis Response

Hostile Environment

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Global Sectors

AG Global Strategies - Private Clients

Expert risk management and security services for our private clients, associated VIPs and family members, their residences, property, family offices, businesses and assets.

AG Global Strategies - Corporate Sector

Corporate risk management and security solutions to suit all businesses and organisations, from multinational corporations, to small enterprises within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Government Sector

Supporting and assisting governments. Ensuring safe and secure operations in-country and in complex environments around the globe. Providing services from consultancy, planning, security and medical support, to crisis management and monitoring. 

AG Global Strategies - Oil & Gas Sector

Expert risk and security solutions, for the global oil & gas and mining sector. Providing expert industrial risk management, static and mobile security solutions and exploratory security services, for international Oil & Gas and mining companies around the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Maritime Sector

We are a leading provider of maritime security services and anti-piracy operations. With extensive vessel protection experience protecting some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies and super yacht clients around the globe.

AG Global Strategies - Insurance Sector

Security for media teams and organisations around the world. Working locally in their country of origin, or around the globe, we professionally facilitate security for all staff during international travel, while mobile, or on location.

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