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Media sector services: Protecting staff around the globe.

Find out how we can support media organisations around the world with integrated professional services. Our experienced professionals are on hand to protect staff around the globe.

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Media Sector

We provide travel risk management and security services for media teams and their organisations around the world. Working domestically, or around the globe, we help plan and facilitate the security of all staff during international travel and while in-country at work.

Media Sector

Providing travel risk management and security services for media organisations has fast become an area of our expertise. The variety and often fast-paced nature of this work, means our specialist services are an ideal fit for the tasks faced. As a trusted supplier to major media broadcasters, we understand the extensive security risk management requirements of media organisations – especially for teams deployed in-country, in remote and sometimes hostile regions.

Understanding what you need

We provide specialist travel risk management, security consultancy, close protection and medical cover for media teams working around the world. Including within developing, complex, or hostile regions. We provide expert advice regarding each location media teams are travelling to and their journey to get there.

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