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AG Global Strategies is an attractive and exciting organisation to work for, we are a growing global company with challenging and rewarding positions around the world.

As an organisation, we value the unique experience, capabilities and professionalism our employees bring, we aim to harness this and help our personnel expand their knowledge and develop their careers, allowing for fulfilling appointments with unique opportunities.

We succeed by bringing the best people into our organisation, we want our employees to join us knowing their efforts as individuals will be supported by a highly experienced team and strengthened by an organisation with an objective to ensure the success of every engagement, with the challenges we or our clients face around the globe.  

Position Summary:

The position is for a Close Protection Officer (CPO), required to provide services within the UK and deploy globally. The position requires an experienced, capable officer with a wealth of industry expertise, able to deliver services for private sector clients, including UHNWI and business leaders.
The position requires the officer to work as an individual, or as a Team Member of a Close Protection Team (CPT), to play an important part in combining their efforts and expertise to ensure a task runs smoothly and without compromise.


• AG Global Strategies requires a highly qualified security industry professional to provide security services in the area of Close Protection, for clients within the private sector.
• Our Close Protection Officers are required to work as individuals, in conjunction with other team members, as part of a single team, or multiple teams across the UK and around the globe.
• Working as a Close Protection Officer at AG Global Strategies, you will have the opportunity to work with various private clients (notable persons, business leaders, public figures, wealthy individuals and families) who place the highest demands on you and your skills.
• The position may require services for clients of a high-profile nature, who may be constantly under the public eye, or that are under specific or general threat.
• Tasks that may occur include, operating in an international environment at short notice, which can mean short assignments abroad, for those with the right background and experience.
• The officer must have a high-level of social skills and can communicate professionally, confidently and with humility with our clients and partners, while able to seamlessly fit into any public setting.
• Our officers may at times have a close professional relationship with a very good insight into our client’s personal lives, good judgment in sensitive matters where privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance will be expected at all times.
• Accessibility, initiative and high-levels of responsibility are qualities we value. We place high demands on the individual and every officer must have the ability to make important decisions within the framework of the company's policy.


• As Close Protection Officer (CPO) at AG Global Strategies, you will be responsible for; risk management, security planning as well as management and implementation of all security related activities within your assigned project.
• On daily basis, assessing and minimising risks, planning routes, checking vehicles, venues and grounds, maintaining a secure environment for the client to operate in, keeping high-levels of vigilance and being alert to danger and reacting to danger, as well as dealing with conflict and promoting overall confidence.
• You will be working in a team environment where you are expected to display excellent interpersonal and effective communication skills, where personal integrity is key.
• You will place the very highest importance on safety, for your clients, for your colleagues, the public and for yourself.
• Provide exceptional customer service and ensure diplomacy is used when interacting with the client, associates, the public, or others, especially with people from different cultural and social backgrounds and always hold high ethical standards.
• Provide secure journey management, conduct security driving duties.
• This role will also include miscellaneous duties, including supervising, organisation, assistance, logistical, driving (for others, family members, visitors) and other tasks outside of the main security role.
• It is essential our officers are of a discreet nature and instil confidence in the client, whilst being sympathetic to their specific needs. Pro-active and flexibility are also essential qualities.
• Ensure that all equipment required for the safe conduct of the task is prepared and allocated to the correct persons and vehicles.
• Responsible for understanding all AG Global Strategies’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the operational parameters in which the team operate.
• Must be fully conversant with the task and the methodology employed by AG Global Strategies, in executing their operational duties.
• Must be fully conversant and remain compliant with local laws. Reports all disciplinary and security related issues to the Team Leader or Operations Manager.
• Responsibility of understanding the need to comply with all local law whilst operating, and that company policies, plans and procedures are adhered to.
• Responsible for ensuring communications checks are conducting prior to task commencement.
• Responsible for maintaining the communications link with the AG Global Strategies’ Operations Room during tasks with an understanding of a contingency back up plan in the event of communications breakdown.
• Responsible for reporting all incidents and accidents that occur during the team’s task to the Team Leader or Operations Manager.
• Participates in post task debriefs with the team ensuring that valuable lessons are identified and become lessons learned for future tasks and operations.
• Responsible for updating and providing any administrative team requests to the Team Leader.
• Responsible for collating any information and intelligence matters in conjunction with the team as directed for the benefit of current and future tasks and operations.

Ref: AG-SEC-CP-001


Close Protection Officer

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The position is for a Close Protection Officer, required to provide services within the UK and deploy globally. The position requires an experienced, capable officer with a wealth of industry expertise, able to deliver services for private sector clients, including UHNWI clients and business leaders.

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