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Professional complex region security services: Protecting people, organisations, businesses and their interests across the world.

Find out how we can help your organisation with our integrated professional Security Services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

Hostile Environment Security

Security Services

  • Hostile Environment Security

    Our expert security teams provide comprehensive security solutions for organisations operating in hostile and complex regions around the world.

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    High-threat security and close protection for clients and organisations operating in hostile high-threat regions around the world. We offer pre-travel expertise, expert security consultants, security managers and professional close protection operators to deploy with our clients and provide security.














AG Global Strategies is renowned for our provision of high-threat protective security services in arduous, hostile and complex environments. With a wealth of operational experience and expertise gained and held by our departments and personnel, we are in a unique position to be able to deliver services utilising some of the world’s most elite and experienced security specialists. Trained and experienced in counter-terrorism, special operations and high-risk protective security, our specialists are continually recognised for their commitment to performance, professionalism and the safety and security of our clients across the globe.

AG Global Strategies hostile environment close protection and consultancy service is a security solution to mitigate the risk of travelling and operating in high-threat and complex environments. With expert knowledge and an extremely high level of security expertise, personal protection and security advice available to our clients. We are able to operate in the majority of complex regions across the world and can operate in the most challenging environments at any time around the globe, consistently protecting and expertly advising our clients to ensure safety and expertly maintaining a secure environment at all times. 

We provide and offer our security services and personal protection services in high-risk environments to a diverse spectrum of clients and a number of industries, sectors and organisations around the world. From SMEs, oil & gas companies, government, media organisations to individual business clients, delivering highly professional services to safeguard personnel, businesses, infrastructure, valuable assets and interests across the globe. We are recognised as a provider that can successfully deliver multiple integrated services while ensuring unparalleled customer service.




    • Our professionally trained, high-risk protective security specialists are experts in hostile environment security, counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, mines, IEDs, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and casualty evacuation management and high-risk crisis operations.

    • Our security consultants and personal protection officers have vast experience working and operating in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments around the world. Our operators are capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security and environmental challenges, being responsible for their actions and are governed by local and international law and are supported and assisted by a dedicated country operations management team throughout. 


    • We provide comprehensive high-threat personal security, security consultancy and close protection services in the form of subject matter expert security consultants, Personal Protection Officers, Close Protection Officers (PPOs/CPOs) and Close Protection Teams (CPTs) to suit each operation and location. 

    • We provide comprehensive personal security and close protection services in the form of individual Close Protection Officers and Close Protection Teams. Comprised of the optimum number of Close Protection Officers, vehicles and equipment to significantly enhance our client’s security and safety in high-threat locations around the world. We also provide a number of bespoke discreet options, including individual personal protection services and protective surveillance, suited to specific operations and to clients that require a unique low-profile personal security service.


    • AG Global Strategies personnel are trained and equipped to facilitate in-country movement and secure transportation of personnel. Conducting intelligence-led convoy escort operations to ensure the safety and security of our clients during local and area transit and delivering their principal and clients to their intended location, utilising the safest and most secure routes and methods available.

    • Our qualified, trained and experienced security specialists are close protection advanced drivers and utilise vehicles that are configured to meet client requirements, within the context of the operating environment. Our specialists are qualified to conduct ground studies and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and emergency planning, are communications experts and qualified trauma medics that are trained and equipped to manage medical emergencies and are qualified to hostile trauma team medic, EMT and UK paramedic standard.


High-threat security for organisations operating in hostile regions around the world


    • AG Global Strategies', client and personnel safety and security, is paramount during all operations we conduct. We have the proven ability to provide high-quality protective security and movement of clients in conflict, hostile, high-threat and complex environments around the globe, with the utmost security and necessary protection to safely conduct the operations required. 

    • Our Close Protection Officers and teams deploy fully equipped with specialist equipment relevant for each role and environment. Including, but not limited to; secure discreet communications equipment, tracking technology, comprehensive medical trauma care and primary care medical equipment, safety equipment, personal protective equipment, specialist vehicles and vehicle emergency equipment. Additionally, other specialist items and equipment required for specific operations and conditions.


    • Our in-country teams consider and review the security situation, intelligence picture and mission objectives, to prioritise tasks, conduct reconnaissance, planning and route selection, conduct briefings and preparation to ensure the mission is safely executed.

    • Our close protection specialists are extremely experienced and apt to operating in high-risk environments and aware of threats specific to the area of operations and able to advise and instruct where necessary, to achieve the objective without undue danger to any client within our care. 


    • AG Global Strategies close protection personnel hold extensive knowledge and experience operating in hostile environments, providing security for private clients, corporate organisations, NGOs and government departments and agencies across the globe. 

    • Operating in various hostile locations across the world, including; Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Syria, various other countries within Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Delivering a professional service to high profile clients, ensuring their security and enabling them to operate and complete their objective as safely and securely as possible. 


Each member holds qualifications and skills obtained through close protection and private security operational experience, military training, military operations, recognised security and close protection courses and relevant training. While continuously refreshing, updating and honing these skills and qualifications periodically. 

  • All Close Protection personnel are former British military elite and special forces (UKSF - SAS, SBS, SFSG, PARA, RM), trained to the highest of standards in security and Hostile Environment Close Protection and are licensed by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA).



Industry expertise across all divisions of our organisation and the unique capabilities of our personnel.

Our international expertise -


Operations we conduct around the globe.

International operations -



    • We provide hostile environment and high-risk Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all high-threat areas around the globe, from the Middle East to South America. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Crisis Management, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice and Global Travel Risk Management. 


    • We provide manned Static & Site Security services for small, medium and large industrial facilities and other premises. Including, Mobile Security and Travel Security services to and from these locations of all types, in North, East, West Africa and other regions around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Crisis Response, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Medical Solutions and Logistics.

  • ASIA

    • We provide hostile environment and high-threat Personal Security, Travel Security and Journey Management services for individuals and groups travelling to, from and within high-threat and hostile regions, for numerous sectors, industries and organisations around the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Risk Assessments, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Medical Risk Assessments and Medical Support. 


    • We provide individual Security Consultants and Security Officers to full Security Teams, that are able to deploy across all of South & Central America and the rest of the globe. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Travel Risk Management, Travel Planning & Advice, Travel Security, Tracking & Monitoring, Executive Security and Medical Risk Management, Planning & Support. 


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Logistics company

AG Global Strategies - Global Logistics

Specialist global logistical solutions, delivering vital shipments around the world. Working in unison with our close partners to efficiently secure, track and monitor consignments, ensuring peace of mind and delivery timings are kept.

Maritime security

AG Global Strategies - Maritime Security

Our maritime security service provides security measures, procedures and manned ship security personnel to safeguard against acts of terrorism, maritime crime and unlawful interference of maritime vessels, operations or offshore facilities.

Security guards

AG Global Strategies - Static & Site Security

Static man-guarding of sites, checkpoints and entrances. Perimeter and internal security patrols, security management and access control for critical infrastructure facilities, commercial sites and other major locations.

Crisis response

AG Global Strategies - Crisis Response 

AG Global Strategies Crisis Management & Emergency Response, provides a dedicated global crisis management and response solution, that is able to deploy to incidents and situations at any time, around the globe.

Global security company

Securing our world

Professional risk management and security services

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