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Professional complex region security services: Protecting people, organisations, businesses and their interests across the world.

Find out how we can help your organisation with our integrated professional Security Services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Hostile region security

Hostile Environment Security

Provision of high-threat protective security services in arduous, hostile and complex environments. With a wealth of operational experience and expertise gained by our departments and personnel, we are in a unique position to be able to deliver services utilising some of the world’s most elite and experienced security specialists. Trained and experienced in counter-terrorism, special operations and high-risk protective security, our specialists are continually recognised for their commitment to performance, professionalism and the safety and security of our clients across the globe.

Hostile Environment Security

Our hostile environment close protection and consultancy service is a security solution to mitigate the risk of travelling and operating in high-threat and complex environments. With expert knowledge and an extremely high level of security expertise, personal protection and security advice available to our clients. We are able to operate in the majority of complex regions across the world and can operate in the most challenging environments at any time around the globe, consistently protecting and expertly advising our clients to ensure safety and expertly maintaining a secure environment at all times. 

We provide and offer our security services and personal protection services in high-risk environments to a diverse spectrum of clients and a number of industries, sectors and organisations around the world. From SMEs, oil & gas companies, government and media organisations to individual business clients, delivering highly professional services to safeguard personnel, businesses, infrastructure, valuable assets and interests across the globe. We are recognised as a provider that can successfully deliver multiple integrated services while ensuring unparalleled customer service.

What services do we offer?

Close Protection Operators

Mobile Security Escort

Travel Security

Site Security Guards

Crisis & Emergency Response

How can we help you?

Security Surveys and Security Audits 

Security Risk Assessments and Security Recommendations

Security Planning and Advice - straightforward and practical

On-site Security - protect people, property and interests

Travel Risk Management

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Our expert security teams provide comprehensive security solutions for organisations operating in hostile and complex regions around the world.

Steps to secure what’s important

Our security consultants and personal protection officers have vast experience working and operating in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments around the world. Our operators are capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security and environmental challenges, being responsible for their actions and are governed by local and international law and are supported and assisted by a dedicated country operations management team throughout. 

  • We provide comprehensive personal security and close protection services in the form of individual Close Protection Officers and Close Protection Teams. 

  • Our qualified, trained and experienced security specialists are close protection advanced drivers and utilise vehicles that are configured to meet client requirements, within the context of the operating environment.

  • Client and personnel safety and security is paramount during all operations we conduct. We have the proven ability to provide high-quality protective security and movement of clients in conflict, hostile, high-threat and complex environments around the globe.

  • Our close protection specialists are extremely experienced and apt at operating in high-risk environments and aware of threats specific to the area of operations and able to advise and instruct where necessary, to achieve the objective without undue danger to any client within our care.

  • Operating in various hostile locations across the world, including; Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Syria and various other countries within Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Delivering a professional service to high-profile clients, ensuring their security and enabling them to operate and complete their objectives as safely and securely as possible. 


Travel Risk Management

Travel risk management and travel security are there to protect your people around the world, safeguarding your business 


Hostile Region Travel Security

Our global travel security service provides a security solution with a high level of security and personal protection for clients travelling around the world


Close Protection Teams

Close protection teams safeguard our clients with appropriate security for each location, taking all risk assessments and intelligence reports into the account, including ground study and route analysis for all movements

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How can we help you? 


Find out how we can help protect what's important to you

Other services we offer

Our security services are there to protect your people and your organisation, safeguarding businesses around the world 

Global Security

Securing our world.

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