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Professional security surveys and audits: Securing people and organisations across the globe.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our security risk management services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Surveys & Audits

Security Surveys & Audits

Security surveys and audits to aid private and corporate clients assess the security of their business premises, sites and private property around the world.

Security Surveys and Audits

Business and property owners alike face increasingly sophisticated criminals and opportunists. Security surveys and audits are an essential method to professionally inspect the effectiveness of existing security measures and determine the security requirements of any unprotected site or premises. This service is ideal for organisations and individuals alike and tailored to each requirement. We survey corporate buildings, construction sites, residential developments, industrial infrastructure, commercial premises and private property. We also conduct comprehensive security surveys and audits for both UK based and global clients.


Comprehensive security surveys and audits are the primary methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a security system or operation in place. They provide valuable information, highlight vulnerabilities and are essential to effectively recommend improvements, procedures and security systems that can be introduced to enhance overall security.

What we can offer you

Our security consultants and advisors are security industry experts with extensive expertise and experience and are amongst the most accomplished and practised professionals in the field today. Our consultants combine their in-depth expertise with local and international experience – offering our clients a wealth of knowledge to ensure the best results possible. Every service we provide is tailored to address the specific risks facing our clients premises, and when combined with our quality of service and delivery, represents a truly unique capability unmatched by most other organisations


Our security consultants quickly identify gaps in current security measures and provide a detailed and personalised report containing information necessary to form an effective plan of action. Planning and advisory services include strategies and recommendations for physical, technical and manpower requirements, people, procedures, policy requirements as well as a timetable for implementation, with priorities clearly identified.

Regular preventative surveys and audits are also an effective way to avoid a potential crisis, this allows for ample time to implement a robust security strategy that mitigates against this eventuality. This will in-turn better protect our client’s business premises, critical infrastructure, industrial facilities and private property.

What does this service include?

Risk Assessments

Risk Identification 

Risk Analysis 

Risk Evaluation

Risk Mitigation

How else can we help you?

Security Consultancy

Security Risk Assessments

Security Planning & Advice

Security Systems & Technology

Crisis Management

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Our security consultants

Security risk management consultancy, to help protect you, your staff and your operations around the world

Security consultant

Security Risk Management Consultants

Our global security consultants and advisors are highly experienced and have extensive professional expertise and qualifications in security risk management and security management, with vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the security industry and around the globe.​

Security risk management

Security Risk Management Services

We help our customers by providing them with 'key' information and advice regarding the risks they face. This includes comprehensive assessments, risk identification, analysis, evaluation and mitigation steps. We do this to help our customers better understand risk and help inform decision-makers to enable them to prepare their organisations in an uncertain world. 

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Steps to secure what’s important

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of security risk management services, developed to assist organisations of all sizes, global companies and private individuals meet their security risk management requirements.

Our security risk management services include, global security risk management and risk assessments, surveys and audits, systems and technology, planning and advice, all to help keep you and your organisation safe around the world.

We provide comprehensive risk assessments, taking into account all risks associated with each client or premises. From all global, regional and local risks our clients may face. Including, crime, terrorism, political instability and natural disasters, all to aid decision making progresses.


Our security experts will help you understand threats and vulnerabilities and what steps are required to ensure your organisations and people are kept safe in an unpredictable world.

Security planning and preparation requires professional risk assessment that includes identification, analysis and evaluation. We provide our clients with risk assessment reports and mitigation, vital to ensure the safety and security of organisations and its success. 

Security technology
Security assessment

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