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Civil Unrest & Disorder

Global Security Threats: Find out about the threat of global terrorism around the world.

Find out about security threats around the world, from terrorism, serious crime and kidnap to natural disasters, overseas emergencies and cybercrime.

Global Security Threats

Global Terrorism: Every region has recorded a higher average impact of terrorism in recent years than in the early 2000s.

Global Security Threats

Conflict: Armed conflicts continue to rage around the world. There have been between 30-52 conflicts being fought at any one time in the last 20 years.

Global Security Threats

Kidnap: Due to the globalisation of economies, multinational companies are at risk of attacks on their employees and facilities, across most regions of the world.

Global Security Threats

Threats we all face around the world

The modern world faces an unprecedented convergence of international security threats and instability. This coupled with the rise in national and international crime rates and crime organisations, that increasingly cross national borders in a legal and illegal migratory way, can pose an incalculable threat to the international community, in an increasingly globalised world. 

High-intensity conflict and instability span the globe, and the spectrum of instability includes regions and states that are not necessarily in overt conflict, but that are institutionally and economically fragile and vulnerable to shocks.


The range of threats among them includes regional coercion and interference, transnational terrorism, health insecurity, use of chemical and other unconventional weapons, substantial displacement of peoples and populations, and overwhelming humanitarian crises creating a complex operating environment.


Traditional methods of response have proven increasingly ineffective against modern global conflict and instability crises, with the combination of threats and instability presenting unique challenges for governments and policymakers.


The International community has thus become increasingly reliant on modernised professional security organisations to manage risk and provide analysis and security solutions to meet security objectives when faced with complex global threats and regional instability around the globe.

Global Crisis Response Operations

Our Crisis Management & Emergency Response service provides a dedicated global crisis management and response solution, that deploys to incidents and situations at any time around the globe.

Our global Crisis Response operations are managed through our crisis and operations management team and supported by our operations centre based in the UK and further supported by our network of international field-based operational teams.

We support operations across six continents, supporting our client's global interests in a broad range of industries, market sectors and private capacities. 


Global Threats

Global Security Threats
we all face around the world

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Global Security Threats
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Global Security

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