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Security risk assessment

Global Security Threats: Find out about the threat of governmental instability around the world.

Find out about security threats around the world, from terrorism, serious crime and kidnap to natural disasters, overseas emergencies and cybercrime.

Global Security Threats

Governmental Instability

Government instability
  • Political instability can affect any country or region around the world. This may have numerous causes developing over time or a single issue at an extremely rapid pace. This may occur peacefully or be violent in nature, being especially dangerous for those trapped when this occurs.

  • Instability in a nation's political system can not only cause local or region-wide disruption but can have a global reach and affect nations and corporations around the globe. ​

With the ever-increasing pace of the modern world and the unpredictability of domestic, regional and worldwide developments, localised or nationwide events can take place and have far-reaching consequences in a short period of time. In part, due to failures of diplomacy and governance in certain regions and the accessibility of information and means of communication available for governments, official sources, opposing political organisations and the public in general.

Political instability is a natural tendency of a government to collapse either because of conflicts or growing struggles, sometimes violent, between various political parties. Political instability also occurs if there is a rapid change of government and policy, increasing the likelihood of subsequent instability. Economic growth and political stability are also deeply interconnected. The uncertainty associated with an unstable political environment can reduce investment in the country in question and affect the pace of economic development. Additionally, poor economic performance may lead to government collapse and political unrest. These conditions are a persistent and leading cause of the political instability that we see around the world.     

Democratic regimes and other political regimes are fragile. Irrespective of the political regime's conflict, radical changes within a regime and corruption can also lead to instability, causing a government to collapse through sometimes peaceful or violent means. This may happen over time or rapidly, with momentum to effect change at great speed. In today’s world, the unpredictability of serious upheaval of a previously stable government in many areas of the world can be extremely disruptive to normal life and can create a poor security situation where terrorism and serious crime can thrive. This can also happen at a rapid pace in the age of advanced communications and social media, causing a dangerous situation to rapidly develop in countries and regions previously thought to be relatively safe. This can also be dangerous for people in surrounding areas and affect transport links through and around the disruption or violence, trapping or threatening the safety of anyone caught in these zones.  

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