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Global Security Threats: Find out about the threat of travelling with serious health conditions around the world.

Find out about security threats around the world, from terrorism, serious crime and kidnap to natural disasters, overseas emergencies and cybercrime.

Global Security Threats

Health Conditions

Health conditions
  • Pre-existing health conditions can be a serious concern to those suffering from these unfortunate illnesses and also for an individual's family and employer. Access to healthcare must be considered and planned to ensure a positive result during an emergency, or if healthcare is immediately required. 

  • Limited access to lifesaving healthcare while travelling, can be a risk to individuals with existing health conditions may face during travel, or while temporarily staying in an unfamiliar location.

  • Emergency or immediately required healthcare may be provided by substandard healthcare providers in parts of the world where their health service is not as well developed or they do not have access to advanced medicine or specialist equipment. 

Serious health conditions are an unfortunate part of life that can affect many people of all ages. This can not only complicate a person's professional and personal life in a normal routine day to day but can also significantly complicate overseas travel and periods away, for those individuals suffering from chronic conditions.​

​Given the complications, this in turn may pose a serious risk to any person suffering from existing health conditions, during these periods of travel and periods of time away from their normal healthcare support network of doctors, medical practitioners and emergency healthcare providers, including access to medical facilities and prescribed medicine, in their country of residence. 

Under certain circumstances, managed chronic health conditions can likely pose a threat to individuals if while travelling, or while visiting a location, access to professional healthcare is made difficult due to the type of location they are in, or the physical distances needed to be covered to access care in an emergency.

Furthermore, while travelling overseas, individuals with health conditions may be put at risk if there is a substandard level of healthcare found within a country or region being visited. Additionally, this risk is compounded during a medical emergency, or if access to healthcare is required immediately, to deal with an existing health condition or complication that has arisen.

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