• Medical risk assessments & operational planning

  • High-level medical cover and support

  • Provision of specialist medical equipment

  • Remote clinical advice services

  • Crisis management

  • Clinical Governance

Medical Risk Management and Operational Planning

  • AG Medical Solutions is highly experienced in risk management, operational planning and expertly assessing the medical needs of our clients. Assessing what is required and what measures are to be taken to safely operate domestically, or anywhere around the world.

  • Medical Risk Assessments & Operational Planning - With the professional medical assessments and planning services we offer, the requirement of all aspects of medical support is assessed and equipment necessary planned for and subsequently provided through our medical solutions services. That includes, the assessment of the level of care required for each individual client and the operational planning to deliver high-level medical cover, deploying medics, field nurses and comprehensive and specialist medical equipment, to suit each deployment and project.  

  • High-Level Medical Cover & Support - With clients that operate in some of the most challenging and hostile environments around the world, we provide and deploy expert medical personnel, to provide comprehensive medical cover and support. Including, remote and 'on-the-ground' medical advice to cover all relative eventualities and emergencies. Each subject matter expert is highly qualified and holds extensive experience in the planning for and delivery of overseas medical operations and expeditions, to remote, challenging and complex areas. Including, the delivery of medical care and support that is involved.

  • Remote Clinical Advice Services - Our remote medical service, gives our deployed medics the ability to communicate directly with our doctors, giving them access to immediate clinical advice, regarding any medical issue, at anytime.

  • Crisis Management - Due to various global and regional threats, differing, or lower levels of quality within local hospitals and medical services. Comprehensive medical risk assessments and emergency evacuation planning is essential, to ensure that if an incident, or serious issue arises overseas, our medical support services and crisis management teams can successfully react. This ensures that a plan of action in place can be implemented, to make sure that all persons can be safely and rapidly recovered, to either a designated hospital within the region, or repatriated back to home soil as soon as possible.  

  • Clinical Governance - We provide clinical governance for the provision of all emergency medical response planning and standard operating procedure (SOPs), for our clients around the world.

Medical Risk Management & Planning



  • Medical Risk Assessments & Operational Planning​

  • High-Level Medical Cover & Support​

  • Remote Clinical Advice Services ​

  • Crisis Management ​

  • Clinical Governance

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