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AG Global Strategies is a leading provider of integrated maritime security solutions, services and anti-piracy operations. We have extensive operational maritime risk management and maritime security expertise and experience, trusted to provide a highly professional specialist service, aboard all sizes and type of maritime vessels, around the globe. 

Piracy, terrorism or other criminal acts are a serious threat to the international shipping industry and individual vessels. Ship security is one of the greatest concerns for every shipping company, private individual or crew operating in international waters at this time. It is widely understood that having a professional maritime security detail and correct procedures are an important and essential way of reducing, or eliminating these threats to vessels, 'at port' and 'at sea'. 

Our integrated maritime security solutions are designed to combat all maritime security threats and mitigate risk, to protect vessels, people, assets and cargo, to the highest industry standards. We seamlessly assess, plan and deliver comprehensive maritime security services, through expert risk assessments, planning and implementation of security measures and most importantly, by providing highly experienced professional ship security officers and teams. All to aid the ship's captain and crew and to protect our client's vessels at every stage. 

AG Global Strategies Maritime Security Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of ship security services. Developed to assist maritime companies, private clients, crew and operators, to meet the international maritime law, ISPS Code and BMP requirements. We provide vessel security in the form of highly trained and experienced Ship Security Officers (SSO) and teams. Each member holds a Live Firing Certificate, C&G SSO Certificate, ENG1, STCW95 and Seaman’s Card. Additionally, each member is Trauma Medic Trained to a high standard. 



We provide professional and effective maritime security solutions to international shipping companies around the world. Our operations team ensure the high standards of our organisation and our personnel are maintained throughout each overseas operation and that we operate within well-defined procedures, including legally robust rules for the use of force.

AG Global Strategies Maritime Security Solutions is staffed by industry experts, that are highly experienced in providing maritime security teams for vessels around the world. Our maritime security teams operate globally and deploy as an effective means of combating piracy, terrorism and maritime crime, for all types of commercial shipping vessels. 

Our maritime security personnel have vast experience of conducting maritime operations within the commercial shipping sector, delivering maritime security and anti-piracy services to provide invaluable support to ship owners, ship operators and shipmasters, around the globe.

Each of our deployed ship security personnel are highly trained, experienced and are of the highest professional standard in the industry, all have completed our strict selection process and fulfilled our vetting criteria, to the highest degree.

Our personnel will liaise closely with the ship’s master to ensure the security of the vessel, that all recommendations in respect of the ship’s physical security are implemented and additional measures are taken prior to any entry into designated high-risk areas.

Members of our Maritime Security Teams expertly implement necessary protection measures, alongside testing and adapting the ship’s emergency response actions and ensure all crew are informed and well-practiced. The ship security officer will then take on the full responsibility of the ship’s security.



AG Global Strategies' Maritime Security Solutions are a leading provider of security for large shipping companies and vessels around the world. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully tailored maritime security solutions, with unparalleled expertise.

Our professional maritime security solution provides an invaluable service for shipping operators, companies and the wider industry as a whole. Our security officers and teams provide 24/7 security, over-watch, security management, security advice, pre-journey planning, risk analysis and monitoring, journey management and on-shore risk assessments, to mitigate risk against local and specific threats.

Our vessel protection teams are highly qualified, experienced and have extensive expertise in maritime security operations around the globe.

In line with our client’s requirements, we provide fully licensed and equipped security teams, able to embark and disembark anywhere in the world, including at key strategic locations around high-risk regions.

AG Global Strategies' experienced professional Ship Security Officers (SSO), are an important addition to any type and size of vessel, while 'at sea' and when 'at port'. Additionally, is an important entity under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) code.

Our officers can deploy anywhere in the world and operate as an SSO of the vessel. Appointed by the company and the ship’s master for ensuring the security of the vessel throughout transit.

The main duties of the ship security officer (SSO) include; security of the vessel, crew and assets, security management, implementation and maintenance of a ship security plan, security advisor and to liaise and work closely with the company security officer (CSO) and the port facility security officer (PFCO), if required.



Modern-day piracy and other ongoing threats made by terrorist and criminal organisations present complex security challenges for many of our maritime clients. Our maritime ship security officers and teams provide 24/7 security to mitigate risk to each vessel, crew and client and to guard against these threats, using all security measures, intelligence, technology, planning and defensive measures at their disposal.

Security and stowaway prevention is controlled using around the clock over-watch security services, providing support to the master and crew for the prevention of crime and stowaways.



Safety and security, of each vessel's crew is paramount, our ship security officers and teams ensure each crew member is properly briefed, aware and practised in vital procedures and actions to be taken in an emergency.

Key subjects and training include; vessel security, anti-piracy drills and scenario training, vessel hardening measures, threat identification, best management practice and escalation of force procedures, medical emergencies and fire procedure. As well as, traveller awareness training and personal safety measures.

Regular training gives ships’ crews a vital understanding of how to react in the event of an incident, hostile boarding or emergency situation at sea and on-shore.

We conduct pre-journey and on-shore protection planning for each stage of travel, particularly when a significant on-shore presence is required. This is to be included in an overall security plan, taking into account all client and crew travel and movement, to mitigate risk against localised and regional threats.

We deploy our experienced risk management professionals to review hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, transfer locations and transport links. Our assessments include journey management, evacuation and security procedures, to make recommendations to reduce risk to all clients and crew. 

Each stage of travel and potential on-shore movement is assessed, planned for and advice provided, from in-country security to situational advice, risk analysis and monitoring services. 


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