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Global medical support services


Medical Solutions

Global Medical Support Solutions

Medical Capability & Operational Support

Global Specialist Medical Solutions for Organisations Around the World.

AG Medical Solutions provides experienced, accredited and highly trained medical personnel, to cover and support domestic requirements and worldwide operations.


We provide risk management, planning, advisory services, medical management, remote assistance and deploy personnel on an individual level, up to deploying full medical teams.


Each individual is chosen to hold extensive experience and expertise in their field and each team selected is deployed with medical and clinical practitioners, holding suited levels of skill and capability required, for each individual requirement and operation. 

Global Crisis Response

Our Crisis Management & Emergency Response service provides a dedicated global crisis management and response solution, that deploys to incidents and situations at any time around the globe.

Our global Crisis Response operations are managed through our crisis and operations management team and supported by our operations centre based in the UK, further supported by our network of international field-based operational teams.

We support operations across six continents, supporting our client's global interests in a broad range of industries, market sectors and private capacities. 


Medical Capability &
Operational Support

Global Solutions

Global medical support solutions to protect staff around the world.

Medical Support
Global medical services
Global medical services


We provide medical consultancy in support of our clients around the globe, our services include: 

- Medical Risk Assessments

- Operations Planning (comprehensive medical and operational planning)

- Medical Surveys & Advice (review of existing medical arrangements) 

- Medical Audits & Reports

- Crisis and Major Incident Planning & Emergency Medical Response Planning

- Crisis Management (worldwide medical emergencies and incidents)

- Casualty Evacuation & Repatriation Planning

Global Solutions

We help organisations identify what medical support is needed.


Medical Solutions

Medical support services

Global Solutions

Global medical cover

Remote Solutions

medical solutions

Global medical risk management, support and care around the world

we help protect your staff around the globe

Global medical support locations

Medical Risk

Global medical risk management and planning


Global medical support for organisations and staff


Medical advice from medical experts

Medical Care

Medical care for staff travelling or stationed abroad


Medical equipment from first aid to specialist care


Bespoke pre-travel and
in-country medical training for staff and personnel

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Medical services

Global Medical Operations

Medical Risk Assessments & Planning​

High-Level Medical Cover & Support​

Remote Clinical Advice Services ​

Crisis Management ​

Clinical Governance



Overseas business 


Oil, Gas & Mining Projects

De-Mining Projects


Natural disasters / rescue services

Media organisations / correspondents

Global medical services
Global medical services
AG Global Strategies London Security Ser

Securing our world

Global Security Risk Management & Security Services

Global medical support
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