• ​​Medics / Paramedics / Nurses / Field Medics 

  • Trauma Doctors / General Practitioners 

  • Specialist medical practitioners

  • Specialist medical equipment / Paramedic equipment

  • Trauma management equipment

  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) capability

  • AED / BLS (Automated External Defibrillator / Basic Life Support)

Medical Care & Equipment

  • Our medical support services exist to advise and prevent any incident or situation occurring, that could threaten the wellbeing of our clients. However, our medical support is defined by ultimately being able to deliver the best possible care and equipment, should the worst happen. We want our clients to know that everything will be prepared for and everything will done, to reach a positive outcome, in all such incidents and medical emergencies, while operating anywhere in the world.


  • Medical Personnel - AG Medical Solutions personnel, are extremely qualified and experienced in giving medical care and support, in some of the most challenging places around the world and have all been selected for their expertise in their chosen professional fields. We provide remote advisory services and 'on-the-ground' support, from clinicians including; 

- Medics (FPOSI / FREC Level 3 / MIRA)

- Paramedics (BSc, HCPC registered)

- Nurses (NMC registered)

- Field medics (Off-Shore Medic HSE, Remote Paramedic/Industry Medic)

- Trauma doctors (NHS Emergency Medicine, GMC registered, HEMS)

- General practitioners (NHS, GMC registered)

- Specialist medical practitioners (​anaesthetics, emergency medicine, general medicine, general surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, trauma and orthopaedics)

  • Medical Care - Our medical practitioners are qualified to provide high-levels of care, qualified to use advanced medical equipment and are able to respond to a wide scope of medical emergencies, including;

- Tactical medical support

- Trauma management

- Adult Basic Life Support (BLS) & AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

- Advanced Life Support

- Environmental emergencies

- Minor illness & injury

- Medical emergencies            

- Multiple casualty management and triage

- Road traffic collision management

- Paediatric

- Medical planning

- Casualty evacuation


  • Medical Equipment - Our medical practitioners deploy with skill level relevant equipment, to suit each individual circumstance, operation, project, expedition and location. From trauma management, to primary health care, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, including;

- Emergency Trauma equipment

- Major haemorrhage management

- Catastrophic injuries (bleed - haemostatic agents)

- Adult Basic Life Support & AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

- Environmental emergencies

- Minor illness & injury

- Medical emergencies            

- Ballistic and Blast Injuries

- Multiple casualty management and triage

- Road traffic collision management

- Medical planning

- Casualty evacuation

Medical Solutions.


Medical Care & Equipment


  • Medical Risk Assessments & Operational Planning​

  • High-Level Medical Cover & Support​

  • Remote Clinical Advice Services ​

  • Crisis Management ​

  • Clinical Governance

  • Expeditions

  • Travelling

  • Overseas business 

  • Exploration

  • Oil, Gas & Mining Projects

  • De-Mining Projects

  • Maritime 

  • Natural disasters / rescue services

  • Media organisations / correspondents

Securing our world -

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