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Security services London

On-site security services: Professional security guards to protect sites and premises across London and the United Kingdom.

Find out how our professional security services can help your organisation. Our advisors and personnel are ready to assist you to protect your staff, premises and customers.

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Security Guards for all sites

Security Guards

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver low-cost professional security services to protect our customer’s sites and facilities. Our focus is on enhancing the overall security of premises in our care without disrupting existing operational activities. We deliver solutions developed around an in-depth understanding of both security and the requirements of our customers, enabling us to effectively secure sites of all kinds.

Security Guard Services

We are a leading provider of integrated security services for private and commercial customers across London and the United Kingdom. We use our extensive security experience to safeguard and successfully manage the security of sites of all kinds, from small building projects and private developments to large construction sites, industrial facilities, critical infrastructure and much more. We do this for all types of companies, large and small, commercial organisations, government and multinational global corporations.

Our security guard service is not only a cost-effective way to safeguard any site or premises but is also one of the most effective ways to ensure your people and premises are safe day and night. Our static and site security services can protect everything from staff and buildings, goods, tools, machinery and everything in between. 


We do everything to ensure we understand our customer's needs, what's important to them and how we can best help have an effective security solution in place in the shortest possible time. You can rely on our experts to take care of your security needs.

What services do we offer?

On-Site Security Guards - highly trained and SIA licensed

Mobile Security Patrols - high-visibility marked vehicles

Alarm Response services - dedicated officers to attend call-outs

CCTV Monitoring - experienced CCTV operators

Guard Dog Patrol Units - trained, expert dog handlers

How can we help you?

Security Surveys & Security Audits 

Security Risk Assessments & Security Recommendations

Security Planning & Security Advice 

On-site Security Services

Mobile Security Services

Find out more about our on-site security services

Give us a call to get started

On-site security, there to protect your business, premises and staff, safeguarding you night and day.

Steps to secure what’s important

We provide a full range of integrated security risk management and security services, or better put, everything you need in one place, including security surveys, audits, assessments, security planning and advice, technical and physical security measures and installation. As well as security management, on-site and mobile security.

Step - 1

Call us to book a simple security survey of your site or premises, carried out by one of our friendly security experts.

Step - 2

We'll assess your site to understand the risks you face and use this to form a personalised security plan. Don't worry we keep this simple and straightforward!

Step - 3

Listen to our recommendations and advice to best protect you - this will put you in the driving seat, knowing you have all the information you need to make a decision.

Step - 4

You tell us exactly what you want. We will then provide cost-effective solutions we think will best suit your needs.

Step - 5

The start of your service! Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are protected and we are only a phone call away.

Security risk management
Security assessment

Our mobile security services

There when you need us and only a phone call away

Mobile security

Mobile Security

Mobile security patrols are an effective and cost-saving way to protect sites and premises of all types. We provide high-visibility mobile patrol vehicles and uniformed security officers to patrol external perimeters and internal areas. Ensuring your premises are secure at all times.

Guard dog service

Guard Dog Units

Our guard dog units are a highly-effective security solution that deters crime and anyone targeting premises under our protection. Our uniformed officers and security dogs can routinely patrol the perimeter of all kinds of sites, acting as a very high-profile visual deterrent.

One of the UK's fastest growing risk and security companies.

How can we help you? 

Security services London

Find out how we can help protect what's important to you

Other services we offer

Find out about some of the other services we offer

Global security services

Securing our world.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your organisation stay safe, with our full range of professional security services

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