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Professional security services: Securing sites

and premises across London and the United Kingdom.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with integrated professional Security Services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across London and the UK.

Security Guard Services

Security Services

  • Security Guard


    Security guard solutions, including; initial security surveys, assessments and consulting services, site security and management, licensed security guards, mobile patrols, security technology and other solutions.

  • What is the


    Security guards are an effective way to safeguard sites of all kinds and deter criminal activity. We provide everything needed to put a professional security solution in place, to protect large and small construction sites, developments, industrial facilities, critical infrastructure and other premises across London, the United Kingdom and around the globe.

  • How can we help you?

    We provide comprehensive security assessment of all sites, developments and grounds, to inform you how we can best help secure each site your organisation operates from. We then implement effective and cost-effective measures that include everything from security management, 24/7 security patrols, checkpoint security, to key holding, secure locking and unlocking and alarm response.


AG Global Strategies is a leading provider of integrated security solutions for commercial and private customers across London, the United Kingdom and around the globe. We have extensive security expertise and experience managing site security and static guarding services for construction companies, large and small commercial organisations, government and multinational corporations. Our static and site security services safeguard staff, goods, machinery, sites, premises, industrial facilities, critical infrastructure and more, across the United Kingdom and around the world.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver expertise and professional services to secure and protect complex sites and facilities in challenging locations for our customers. Our focus is on enhancing the overall security of all sites in our care, without disrupting existing operational activities. We use solutions developed around an in-depth understanding of both security and the requirements of our customers, enabling us to efficiently and effectively secure sites of all kinds. Our experts and highly trained security staff, aided by leading technical security measures, make sure a secure operational environment is maintained day and night.

We provide a full range of integrated security services, including; risk management and consulting services, security surveys and audits, security planning and advice, technical and physical security measures and installation, security management, manned static security and mobile security. Our consultants, managers and operational teams, each have a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements each project may have, as well as the security industry as a whole, which reflects in our professional, practical, cost-effective and reliable service we consistently deliver.


  • Licensed

    Security Guards

    We deploy fully licensed professional security guards, that are essential to effectively secure site perimeters, checkpoints, access points and site grounds in general. We provide highly experienced security personnel to protect sites of all types for customers across a diverse range of sectors and over multiple locations, providing a reassuringly safe and secure environment for organisations and staff to operate within.

    All of our security guards are highly trained and skilled security officers, holding knowledge and expertise covering all aspects of site, development and industrial infrastructure security. Including, awarenesses of the law, health and safety, fire safety, emergency procedure, security patrolling and searching, access control and technical security systems, as well as possessing excellent communication, reporting and accurate record-keeping skills. Our security officers are a noticeable professional presence, safeguarding our customer's sites, machinery, valuable goods, staff, visitors and the public. Ever-ready to respond to incidents and emergencies, acting as a point of contact, a deterrent to crime, trespassing and vandalism, or any other disruptive actions.

  • Security


    Our security management team have extensive skill and experience gained from working across the UK and around the world, managing professional site security services for several sectors and industries. All this gives them the experience not only to provide the best industry level security management and service, but also the ability to adapt to challenges faced by our customers and team.

    Our project managers, operations managers and personnel, ensure professional and relevant industry standards and legislation is adhered to at all times. We are not only governed by the law, but we also oversee each project with an experienced management team and an in-house quality assurance team. We do this to ensure our personnel are suitably directed and supported throughout, and we consistently provide a professional service at the highest possible standard at all times. 

  • Site


    We are specialists when it comes to delivering construction site and development security. Our wealth of experience in the security industry allows us to manage sites of all sizes and complexities. From small construction sites to expansive industrial infrastructure sites and facilities and everything else in-between, we provide a reliable and professional service to secure every location we operate within.

    Our site security service professionally safeguards sites of all descriptions and sizes, making sure there is a continuous presence and a visible deterrence to the theft of equipment, machinery and valuable goods. Site security and manned security guarding is still one of the most effective measures to not only secure assets on-site but to ensure the safety and security of staff, visitors, members of the public and the premises in general. Our site security guards provide an extremely cost-effective security solution, as well as an effective response to any security incident or security breaches. 


Professional security for sites, developments and facilities across the nation



Mobile security patrols are an effective and cost-saving means to protect sites and premises of all kinds. We provide high-visibility mobile patrol vehicles and uniformed security officers to patrol external perimeters and, or internal areas. Ensuring all area perimeters and security measures have not been compromised, and all points of entry, gates, fences, shutters, fixtures, doors and windows are locked and properly secured.

Our mobile security patrol service operates 24/7 365 days per year and provides an effective deterrent to all trespassing, criminal activity, vandalism and other unwanted acts. Our security officers are all fully licensed and fully trained to deal with all security matters and respond to any security incidents that may occur, giving peace of mind and a professional presence for your organisation. 



Our guard dog service is a highly-effective security solution that can effectively deter any bad actor from targeting premises or areas under their protection. Our security dogs routinely patrol the perimeter of sites, acting as a high-profile visual deterrent against trespassing, theft, criminal damage and other criminal acts. Working together with a specially trained security officer and handler, our security dogs are an ever-alert extra pair of eyes and ears, with a greater senses than their human counterparts. Our security dogs can sense, detect and respond earlier to an intruder and are trained to tackle all security situations, supporting our officers as they carry out their duties.

Our guard dog section operates 24/7 365 days per year and is a cost-effective way to reduce the manpower needed to protect any site without compromising the security of your premises. It is also an ideal addition to strengthen any security solution and can be deployed alongside any other security service. Including, manned security guarding, mobile patrols, site and static security services, or can also deploy as an independent security patrol unit.

  • Security 


    AG Global Strategies' directors, consultants, managers and operational teams hold extensive professional expertise and qualifications in risk management and security. Our team and personnel have vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the private security industry as a whole, from delivering security services to government, commercial organisations, multinational corporations and private clients within London and across the United Kingdom.

    All AG Global Strategies' security directors and security management team not only have extensive experience, they have also held important positions within some of the world's largest global security companies, in the British armed forces, police and government agencies and have a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering security services to a wide range of sectors and government bodies in some of the most challenging environments across the world.

  • Sectors

    We Operate In

    Our UK-wide and global services help sectors and industries maintain a safe and secure environment wherever they may operate. Our presence reassures both employees and the public, providing a protective physical layer of security that instils confidence. Our services can adapt to most sectors and industries while professionally conducting day to day operations and can attend to any security incident with minimal disruption to our client's operations.

    AG Global Strategies operates across numerous locations providing security across a diverse range of sectors within the UK and around the world. We provide fixed-site and mobile security services to safeguard construction sites of all sizes, major works sites, complex facilities, industrial sites, critical infrastructure, business premises, ports and terminals and other sites. These integrated security solutions range from uniformed guard services to high threat protective services for government, commercial and non-governmental customers.

  • UK Wide


    AG Global Strategies operates across the whole of the United Kingdom, providing static security and site security services. We work closely with our customers to understand their local and national requirements and strive to achieve results through excellent planning and effective delivery of services.

    Wherever our services are delivered nationwide, our customers and deployed personnel are fully supported by our national operations team, providing operational support and assistance at all times across the UK. We understand that each project and operation brings unique challenges, our team is ready to meet these challenges and further ensure our services are effective, sustainable, reliable and consistently deliver throughout our duty to our customers.



All our professional security guards and security officers are vastly experienced and have undergone rigorous training in security, first aid, fire safety, health & safety, customer service and much more. Each officer is trained to a high standard and licensed by the United Kingdom Security Industry Authority (SIA).

We invest a great deal of time and energy into our recruitment process and only employ the most capable and qualified personnel in our industry. Our officers go through a thorough selection and vetting process, to recruit the highest standard of security personnel possible, which routinely includes an in-depth and full background check and interview process.

Security company London

Industry expertise across all divisions of our organisation and the unique capabilities of our personnel.

Our international expertise -

Security services

Operations we conduct across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

International operations -



    • We provide Static & Site Security, Security Guards, Mobile Security Patrols, Guard Dog Patrols and Security Management services, for building developments across London and the United Kingdom. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Security Risk Assessments, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Corporate Building & Office security and Security Systems & Installation. 


    • We provide Static & Site Security, Security Guards, Mobile Security Patrols, Guard Dog Patrols and Security Management services, for all facilities across London and the United Kingdom. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Security Risk Assessments, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Corporate Building & Office security and Security Systems & Installation. 


    • We provide corporate Static Security Guards, Mobile Security Patrols, Guard Dog Patrols and Security Management services for all types of corporate buildings and offices across London and the United Kingdom. 

    • Our integrated services also include; Security Risk Assessments, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Corporate Building & Office security and Security Systems & Installation. 


    • We provide industrial Site Security, Security Guards, Mobile Security Patrols, Guard Dog Patrols and Security Management services for large industrial sites around the globe.

    • Our integrated services also include; Security Risk Assessments, Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Corporate Building & Office security and Security Systems & Installation. 


Find out how we can help protect what's important to you



AG Global Strategies - Security Systems & Installation

Specialist security systems and professional installation services, achieving the highest level of security for our clients. Working in unison with our close partners to efficiently install physical security and technical security systems.

Security survey

AG Global Strategies - Security Surveys & Audits

Security surveys and audits, professionally surveying and inspecting the effectiveness of existing security measures and determine the security requirements of other unprotected structures and locations.

Security consultant

AG Global Strategies - Security Planning & Advice

Security planning and advice, that helps to form clear strategies to ensure the safety and security of our customers around the globe. Providing services from consultancy, to embedded project support.

Risk assessment

AG Global Strategies - Risk Assessments

Risk assessments to suit all businesses, organisations and private clients, from multinational corporations, small enterprises, to private individuals within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

London security company

Securing our world

Professional risk management and security services

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