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Corporate building security solutions and services, ensuring our clients can safely operate with the knowledge of having a safe and secure working environment for their staff and visitors.

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AG Global Strategies provides professional Commercial Building & Office Security services, that covers the protection of corporate head offices, commercial office buildings, and individual offices within London and across the wider United Kingdom. We pride ourselves with the professional and personal approach we offer to our corporate clients. Our focus is geared towards enhancing the security of buildings and employees without disrupting existing operational activities. Using carefully considered solutions developed around a in-depth understanding of the business requirements and culture of a company, we ensure the safety of our corporate client's assets, both physical and digital, using a highly organised professional team of trained, experienced and vetted security personnel, aided by technical equipment such as discreet communications equipment, access controls, CCTV monitoring and alarm systems.

We are experts in delivering professional corporate security, our specialist security consultants are on hand to conduct full and comprehensive risk assessments and surveys to efficiently audit existing security arrangements and procedures as well as to plan, advise and to implement all technical, physical and manpower requirements to ensure our corporate client's safety and security. Our security managers have a comprehensive understanding of the security industry as a whole which reflects in our exceptionally professional, efficient, effective and reliable service.

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AG Global Strategies deploy fully licensed professional security officers that are an invaluable asset to any corporate workplace. We provide security staff to a diverse range of market sectors and clients over multiple sites, providing a reassuring safe and secure environment for organisations and staff to operate in, safe in the knowledge that there is an ever-present highly professional team of friendly and accommodating security personnel that are capable to deal with emergencies or any safety and security issues that may arise at any time. Our security personnel ensure the relevant industry standards and legislation is adhered to and are governed by the law, security managers, operations managers and an in-house quality assurance team. 

Our security personnel are highly trained and skilled professionals, holding knowledge and expertise that covers all aspects of commercial building and office security, including -  awarenesses of the law, health and safety, fire safety, emergency procedure, security patrolling and searching, access control and technical security measures, as well as possessing excellent communication and customer care skills, reporting and accurate record-keeping skills and conflict management. Our security officers are a noticeable professional presence, safeguarding our client's companies, business addresses and locations acting as a deterrent to crime, hostile surveillance, trespassing, or any other disruptive actions. 

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AG Global Strategies consultants and project managers work closely with our technical security systems partners and physical security contractors to assess, survey, audit, recommend and install all physical and technical security measurements. Including the latest technology, systems and equipment to protect our corporate client's premises into the future. We are able to protect our client's premises with the latest CCTV, Access Control & Door Entry Systems, Automated Gates, Fire Systems, Intruder Alarms, physical security construction and integrated security guard services.

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AG Global Strategies is dedicated to delivering professional corporate security services to our diverse range of international clients. We are experts in delivering a multitude of integrated services and solutions, ranging from security consultancy, security systems, to manned guarding and executive security. We work towards ensuring our corporate clients, staff, personnel and visitors safely and security and all buildings, offices, assents, premises and infrastructure are protected by advanced physical, technical and procedural security measures and management to the highest standards on the market.

We pride ourselves at being able to rapidly adapt and overcome any obstacles and challenges to secure our client's premises and personnel. Our security professionals assess all aspects of security within the parameters of the task, advise, plan and oversee each project and the organisation and management of each security services we provide. 

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AG Global Strategies invests considerably in the quality of our personnel, they reflect the high standards we hold and that are expected by our clients. Our individuals, teams and security details are carefully considered, selected and deployed to suit each clients security requirement in the United Kingdom and across the global. 

AG Global Strategies security officers are exclusively selected from a group of experienced security professionals and hold extensive expertise and qualifications in private security, while commanding vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the private and corporate security industry. All AG Global Strategies personnel are highly trained and vetted security officers and fully licensed by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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  • We provide corporate Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all types of corporate buildings and offices around the globe. 

  • Our integrated services also include; Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Corporate Building & Office security and Security Systems & Installation. 

  • We provide facility Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for small, medium and large facilities and locations of all types around the globe. 

  • Our integrated services also include; Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Static & Site Security, Security Systems & Installation and Physical Security Installation. 

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  • We provide industrial installation level Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for large industrial sites, for numerous sectors and industries around the globe. 

  • Our integrated services also include; site Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Security Management, Static & Site Security, Physical Security Installation and Security Systems. 

  • We provide individual and private Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Risk Assessment services for all types of property, residential buildings, estates and other buildings around the globe. 

  • Our integrated services also include; private Security Surveys & Audits, Security Planning & Advice, Residential & Property Security, Physical Security Installation and Security Systems. 


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Risk assessment

AG Global Strategies - Risk Assessments

Risk assessments to suit all businesses, organisations and private clients, from multinational corporations, small enterprises, to private individuals within the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Security consultant

AG Global Strategies - Security Planning & Advice

Security planning and advice, that helps to form clear strategies to ensure the safety and security of our customers around the globe. Providing services from consultancy, to embedded project support.

Security survey

AG Global Strategies - Security Surveys & Audits

Security surveys and audits, professionally surveying and inspecting the effectiveness of existing security measures and determine the security requirements of other unprotected structures and locations. 


AG Global Strategies - Security Systems & Installation

Specialist security systems and professional installation services, achieving the highest level of security for our clients. Working in unison with our close partners to efficiently install physical security and technical security systems.

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