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Asset Protection & Tracking Solutions: tracking and security of high-value items and shipments around the world.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our integrated asset security services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Asset Protection & Tracking

Asset Protection

Asset Protection and Tracking solutions, provide tracking and security of high-value items and shipments around the world. We utilise tracking and monitoring technology to provide real-time tracking, incident response and asset management for static and mobile assets deployed globally. Additionally, we provide and deploy critical asset security and protection services enabling secure transportation of assets, employing industry-leading protective security, safe journey management and surveillance capabilities. 

High-Value Asset Protection & Tracking

High-value goods are especially vulnerable during transit, items and shipments are continuously targeted and interdicted by organised and opportunistic criminals. These threats against valuable freight and high-value goods are increasing around the world, consequently, the security and protection of static and transported assets, is paramount, having an in-depth understanding of the unique security requirements needed is critical for the immediate and long-term security of these items.  

We have the ability to provide global asset protection and tracking for small, medium and large individual high-value items, shipments and multiple loads. Including, business shipping containers, vehicles, sensitive documents and transiting personnel. Our operations and shipments are fully insured, effectively protected, secured and tracked using tested methods, protective intelligence and 24/7 monitoring technology. We assist companies and private individuals across the globe with a wide variety of complex demands that require specialist services to safely and securely deliver their items, with the knowledge their assets are professionally handled and expertly managed.

What services do we offer?

Asset & Tracking Management

High-Value Asset Protection, Escort & Surveillance Operations 

Secure Transportation & Secure Courier

Logistics Management

Vehicle Shipping & Vehicle Transportation

How can we help you?

Security Surveys & Security Audits 

Security Risk Assessments & Security Recommendations

Security Planning & Advice 

On-site Security

Mobile Security

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Asset protection and security for businesses and private customers around the world

Steps to secure what’s important

Our security and logistics departments plan, secure, manage and track the shipment of our client's assets across the globe. At any one time, we know the level of security, method of transport, the location of the asset, the asset's progress and other relevant important information.

  • We provide secure transport and security guard services in the form of individual protection officers and security guards and required vehicles. 

  • This service is comprised of the optimum number of officers, vehicles and security equipment to significantly enhance the security and safety of the transported goods.

  • We also provide a number of bespoke discreet options, including individual low-profile protection services and protective surveillance, suited to specific operations and to clients that require a unique low-profile security service.

  • Our asset management team are able to respond should a delay or incident occur and rectify the issue as quickly as possible. These solutions are supported by our United Kingdom-based control room which continuously and routinely tracks each asset across the world.


Our global vehicle services

Our asset security services are there to protect your assets and interests around the world, safeguarding what’s important to you 


Global Vehicle Shipping

We offer a globally tracked safe and secure shipping and enclosed transportation service for single or multiple high-value vehicles.


Vehicle Transportation 

Complementing our vehicle transportation services, we provide global satellite tracking for each shipment, operated and supported by our 24/7 Control Room based in the United Kingdom. 

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How can we help you? 


Find out how we can help protect what's important to you

Other services we offer

Find out about some of the other services we offer

Global Security

Securing our world.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we keep you and your assets safe by utilising integrated cutting-edge technology with real-time intelligence.

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