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Intelligence Services: London, United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our professional investigative, intelligence and surveillance services. We are on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.

Protective Surveillance

Intelligence Services

  • Specialists Protective Surveillance - professional surveillance operations for corporate, government and private clients around the globe.

  • Satellite Protective Surveillance - expert protective surveillance operations, providing a protective layer to protect our clients against attack, hostile surveillance threats and hostile operations.

  • Global Protective Surveillance - protective surveillance solutions to protect our clients locally, nationally and globally. 

Protective Surveillance

At AG Global Strategies, we provide a complete protective surveillance solution for our international and domestic clients. Our operators provide an intelligent protective security layer for our clients to continue their private, public or professional lives, with the knowledge, assurance and benefit of a visible or concealed protective team with them every step of the way.

Surveillance Services

  • Protective Surveillance - AG Global Strategies protective surveillance specialists conduct high-level protective surveillance operations for our corporate, government and private clients, across the globe. 

  • Mobile & On-Foot Protective Surveillance - We provide clients with a protective layer of surveillance operators, to discreetly track a single, or multiple subject(s), from a mobile platform (specialist vehicle) and/or on foot, using coordinated units of surveillance operators, to ensure our clients are safe at all times.

  • Satellite Protective Surveillance - Adaptive, flexible and discreet protective surveillance around each subject. Use of all forms of surveillance at our disposal, to provide a protective bubble around our clients, while static, moving, by vehicle or on foot.

  • Urban & Rural Protective Surveillance - We adapt our protective surveillance operations to work within an urban (major city, town, suburb), to a rural (countryside, natural area, remote location) environment employing specialist equipment, techniques and adapted methods to provide a comprehensive level of security.  

  • Covert & Overt Protective Surveillance - Comprehensive video and protective surveillance operator capabilities, to observe a subject's location and the surrounding area, from a covert or overt sited position.

  • Global Surveillance Operations - We conduct operations from; small to large scale, simple to complex operations, short to long term, locally, nationally to internationally, for clients in numerous sectors, or numerous classifications of private clients around the globe.

Investigations service London

Intelligence-gathering operations are conducted using a wide range of specialist techniques, methods, resources and means, to gain invaluable intelligence to place our clients at a substantial advantage. 

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