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Global travel security services provide a discreet security solution, with an extremely high level of security, personal protection and personal service for our clients around the world.

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In the age of globalisation and ever-changing risk around the world, providing security and protection for international travellers and an increasingly mobile workforce, is a key challenge for any individual, or organisation. This now means that individuals and companies face the potential of travelling and operating in environments which may pose increased dangers and are potentially unpredictable, or politically unstable. Because of these trends, in major cities and several regions, there now exists, an unfortunate reality of threats such as - an increased risk of opportunistic and targeted crime, threatening behaviour, violent attack, terrorism, kidnapping and extortion and political violence. 

From company executives, individuals and families, to young or vulnerable persons, regularly transiting around the world. Travel security and personal protection services can be key to ensuring each journey is enjoyable, runs in a smooth manner, is safe, secure, is professionally managed and adapted to specific client needs.

Our aim is to mitigate potential risks to our clients at all times, to allow them to travel and conduct their business under all circumstances and to take action at times when this is not possible. Our consultants will assist in assessing the amount of risk posed to our clients and make recommendations to the level of security needed, relative to the perceived threat.​

We provide a unique global travel security solution for corporates and individual private clients, that aims to fully support them and ensure a secure environment, while travelling domestically and internationally. We provide end to end global travel security, personal protection services and in-country journey management, to ensure our clients safety and security is controlled and monitored, throughout their journey around the globe. 




We provide an end to end global travel security service, with professional protection officers, to deliver security and ensure the safety of individual clients, VIPs and groups travelling locally and internationally.  

Our professionally trained, personal protection officers are experts in security, close protection, counterterrorism, special operations, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness, security management and high-risk crisis operations.

We provide an international travel security service for clients residing in the United Kingdom and for global clients, in most countries across the world. Our security specialists conduct continuous risk assessments during operations, taking into account all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations and intended destinations, ensuring a safe and secure journey throughout.

Our teams are supported by our operations management team and medical department, to assist our teams to assess, plan, initiate and facilitate each movement, from the start of our clients transit, to their final destination and thereafter. 



Our mobile security teams are qualified, trained and experienced close protection operators, with extensive global experience and local knowledge of the areas in which they work. Enabling our clients to move safely and securely between airports and other ports of entry, smoothly and efficiently, to their final destination. Knowing that they are in safe hands, especially in high-risk, or uncertain environments.

We provide our clients with appropriate security for each location, taking all risk assessments and intelligence reports into the account, including ground study and route analysis for all movements. Additionally, all contingency planning and medical support in the event of an incident is planned for and operational support is continuously on-hand, throughout all movements.​

Our vehicles can be configured to meet the security requirements of each location, our vehicles are equipped with radio and satellite communications systems, allowing our operations team to track movements in real-time. We are able to deploy different vehicle profiles as dictated by the latest threats, the overall intelligence picture, our clients specific requirements, the task, and the operating environment.



We provide access to the travel security consultants and intelligence reports with detailed, real-time information, for each country and region due to be traveled through and visited. Including, everything required to make informed decisions and accurate information to assess the safety and security of each location and journey.

Additional services include, memos and alerts regarding travel security, information requests, or assistance in preparation of and during high-risk trips, to arm our personnel and clients with the best information, to mitigate risk throughout each stage of a journey.

We are able to incorporate tracking and monitoring technology to support our clients and have the knowledge of the exact real-time location and progress of each individual and transportation method. Ensuring safety and security is maintained and those responsible are able to react, should a security issue or other arise. 





Our global travel security close protection and executive protection officers and teams are highly trained professionals, have extensive professional expertise and qualifications in close protection and security management, with vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the security industry, from European cities to the most hostile environments around the globe.​

All AG Global Strategies close protection and executive protection personnel are former British military elite and special forces, and specialist police, trained to the highest of standards and are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Personal protection and travel security is a necessary security measure for individuals who may be exposed to increased personal risk. Due to their employment, status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that could make them the target of crime, terrorism, physical attack, or kidnapping.

We provide elite security solutions to clients around the globe. Our highly trained bodyguards, are qualified and able to work in low-profile and high-profile, high-risk and complex environments, to low-risk regular day to day life, and specialise in the protection of private clients, diplomats, media and commercial clients. 


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