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Comprehensive domestic and international travel security planning and advice, for the safety and security of clients and employees travelling anywhere around the globe.

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An increase in the level of international travel is a natural consequence of globalisation, global business activities and the desire of people to frequently seek new opportunities and experiences around the world is a persistent trend in this modern era. Factors such as economic growth, international trade and increased international travel activity, all contribute to a world that seems smaller and more accessible than ever. As a consequence, countless companies are routinely crossing boarders in order to do business around the world.

Companies that decide to explore and exploit these new or existing opportunities and choose to engage in global business are required to focus even more on the wellbeing and safety of their employees, during international assignments and travel. Similarly, travellers wishing to explore more and more, in an ever increasing number of destinations, cities and regions, have the added concern of personal safety, for themselves and their family, in an unpredictable

and rapidly changing world. 

AG Global Strategies provides a global travel security planning and advisory service, with a full-spectrum of integrated international services and assistance, that supports travellers before, during and after international travel, or when stationed abroad. We work with our clients as a partners, working with them, or with their corporate travel management team, ensuring the most is made of their travel experience and international business activities, by providing advice, information and travel assistance for individuals, groups and travelling employees.

Our most important job is to make sure people, families, staff and personnel can travel safely, no matter where they go in the world. We offer international travel solutions and travel assistance to private clients, global companies, international organisations and insurance companies. From travel advice before going on an international trip, to help and assistance during a journey and providing information thereafter.





Our global travel security consultants and advisers take all travel plans and itinerary into account and brief our clients with any risks associated with their intended arrangements, or locations due to be visited.

We report to our clients with valuable advice, information and options, to better aid decision making. We are then able to instruct our team to form a comprehensive 'end to end' client travel plan, to mitigate risk involved.  

We provide organisations and our private clients with expert travel advice for all regions, countries, cities and locations due to be visited. Including, recommended transportation, trusted companies, routes, ports of entry and other important information relevant to each stage of travel. 





We conduct pre-journey planning for each stage of international and local travel, ensuring an issue free and efficient journey throughout. This is to be included in an overall travel security plan, taking into account all client, staff and personnel travel and movement, to mitigate risk associated with localised and regional threats.

We can deploy our experienced risk management experts to review routes, ports of entry, hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, transfer locations and transport links. Our assessments include, journey management, evacuation and security procedures, all to make recommendations to reduce risk to all clients and staff. 

Each stage of travel and potential movement is assessed, planned for and advice provided, to include contingency planning incase of an emergency, medical issue, or for a delayed connection. Including, alternative meet and greet services.

This is to give our clients and employers the confidence to operate anywhere in the world, with the knowledge of having our assistance and in-country situational advice, risk analysis and monitoring services, to maintain a secure environment and planning should an issue arise. 




We provide full assistance to our private and business clients throughout their international travel plans. Our advisors and operations management teams are ready to assist 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365 days per year.

With our resources and global integrated services, we are able to provide remote assistance and deployed assistance, to ensure our clients travel plans are not unduly affected and help is provided during any emergency. 

We provide planning and advice to include advised travel security procedure, to enhance security awareness and vigilance for staff and personnel. Awarenesses of security practices are a valuable aid for personnel if there is likely exposure from risks such as terrorism, theft, kidnap and other criminal activities.

Information and advice can be provided to include, emergency procedure, best management practice, local and international contact and assistance details and contingency plans. Advice can extend to traveller awareness and best practices when staff are stationed in any given country, making them aware of personal safety measures.


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