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Global Travel Security
Planning & Advice


Professional travel planning and advice: Securing people and business across Europe and the rest of the world.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our travel planning service and advice. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Travel Planning & Advice 

Travel Planning & Advice

Global Travel Security Planning & Advice, keeping people safe around the world

Travel Security Planning & Advice

An increase in the level of international travel is a natural consequence of globalisation, global business activities and the desire of people to frequently seek new opportunities and experiences around the world is a persistent trend in this modern era. Factors such as economic growth, international trade and increased international travel activity all contribute to a world that seems smaller and more accessible than ever. As a consequence, countless companies are routinely crossing borders in order to do business around the world.

Companies that decide to explore and exploit new opportunities and engage in global business need to and are also required to focus even more on the well-being and safety of their employees during international assignments and travel. Similarly, travellers wishing to explore more and more in an ever-increasing number of destinations, cities and regions have the added concern of personal safety for themselves and their families in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world. 

At AG Global Strategies, we provide a global travel security planning and advisory service with a full spectrum of integrated international services and assistance that supports travellers before, during and after international travel or when stationed abroad. We work with our clients as partners, working with them or with their corporate travel management team to ensure the most is made of their travel experience and international business activities by providing advice, information and travel assistance for individual groups or all travelling employees.

​Our most important job is to make sure people, families, staff and personnel can travel safely no matter where they travel in the world. We offer international travel solutions and travel assistance to private clients, global companies, international organisations and insurance companies. From travel advice before going on an international trip to help and assistance during a journey and providing information when needed.

What services do we offer?

Travel Security Planning and Advice

Journey Management

Travel Contingency Planning

Travel Security Assistance 

Travel Security Procedure

How can we help you?

Travel Security Consultancy

Travel Security Risk Assessments and Recommendations

Travel Security Planning and Advice

Travel Security

Travel Security Management

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Our travel risk consultants

Our travel security planning and expert advice is there to protect you, your staff and your operations, around the world

Travel Security Planning Consultants

Our global travel security consultants and advisors are highly experienced and have extensive professional expertise and qualifications in risk management and security management, with vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the security industry, from European cities to the most hostile environments around the globe.​

Travel Security Advice Services

We help our customers by providing them with 'key' information and advice regarding; a destination they intend to travel to, a specific country of interest, or multiple countries of interest. This includes the assessment of all routes of travel and forms of transport. We do this to help our customers better understand the area in question, to help inform decision-makers and better prepare our customers to achieve their objectives. 

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Steps to secure what’s important

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of travel planning and travel advisory services, developed to assist organisations, global companies, executives and staff, to meet their travel risk management requirements.

Our planning and advisory services include global security planning and travel security advice, pre-journey planning and journey management, contingency planning and travel security assistance and travel security procedure plans to help keep travellers safe around the world.

We report to our clients with valuable advice, information and options, to better aid decision-making. We are then able to instruct our team to form a comprehensive end-to-end client travel plan, to mitigate the risk involved. 

Our travel security experts help our clients and travelling personnel understand any complexities, threats, cultural sensitivities, what vaccinations are required and precautions necessary to ensure a safe and successful trip.

Our experienced risk management experts can deploy to review routes, ports of entry, hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, transfer locations and transport links. Our assessments include journey management, evacuation and security procedures, all to make recommendations to reduce risk to all clients and staff. 

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How can we help you? 

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Other services we offer

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Global Security

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