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Executive security

Professional security services: Securing people and business
across London, the United Kingdom, Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our professional executive security services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Executive Security

Executive Security 

Our executive protection service ensures corporate clients and business executives have the confidence to travel for business globally. We provide professional security solutions that include executive protection, itinerary management, journey management and global travel security.

Executive Security Services

Navigating complexities, mitigating risks and ensuring safety and security for staff and executives are fundamental aspects of an organisation's duty of care. 


With decades of experience safeguarding business leaders, executives and staff globally, we can offer a comprehensive professional security service designed to meet the most demanding circumstances.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We listen to our clients and design solutions to meet each organisation and each executive's unique needs. Whether providing our service for brief periods, events or during individual trips or a full-time worldwide service, we have a solution that fits no matter where our clients operate around the world.


Our global client base is diverse, ranging from large international organisations to small and medium-sized consultancies and individual clients. We can provide services for business leaders, executives, staff and individuals. Trusted by organisations across all sectors and enterprises, we consistently deliver a professional service to ensure the safety and security of people and business operations.

What does this service offer

Our service offers a professional security solution for corporate clients and business executives globally, providing peace of mind and confidence to conduct business anywhere in the world. Our dedicated service offers a security solution that includes professional executive protection officers, security drivers, efficient journey and itinerary management, threat and risk management and comprehensive global travel security. 


From journey and itinerary management to public events and overseas travel in complex regions, our portfolio covers the entire spectrum of protective services. Whether safeguarding high-profile executives, attending major events, or providing travel risk management support through threat intelligence and country risk reports or technical and technology support, we have the resources to meet our client's needs.

Why choose us

Our solutions are designed to address changing threat levels, ensuring our clients receive the right level of protection that they need. Whether the need is for a professional driver, executive protection officer, discreet protective security, or a more visible presence, our service is adaptable for every occasion to provide the most effective security for our corporate clients.

Operating in the most complex markets globally, we uphold the strictest ethical, legal and regulatory standards. Our globally consistent standard operating procedures, along with our 24/7 threat monitoring and risk intelligence, guarantee a high-quality solution and ensure a proactive security service.

How we can help

Business travel is essential for growth, but it comes with its own set of risks. Our executive protection and secure journey service assists organisations in managing these travel risks for their globally mobile workforce, enabling them to focus on other priorities.


Find out how we can help make your executive’s journeys safer and allow your organisation to succeed wherever business takes you.

What services do we offer?

Executive Protection - highly trained executive protection officers

Security Escort - safe and secure transits between meetings and venues 

Global Travel Security - security from the beginning to the end of your journey

Journey Management - facilitating secure movement at every stage of your journey

Professional Drivers - security trained drivers to ensure your safety and security

How can we help you?

Global Travel Risk Management 

Personalised Security Risk Assessments

Security Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Security Recommendations, Planning and Advice

Corporate Security Services

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Professional executive security services for executives and business leaders around the world 

Global Security Support

As experts in security risk management and security services, we are an ideal organisation to ensure the personal security of executive in your organisation. Our comprehensive services ensures your executives are safe during international travel, when operating in new countries and cities, during day-to-day business, and even in their private lives, ensuring your executives can prioritise important work.

Executive Security Solutions

Strategic guidance through our dedicated client managers and advisers to help you every step of the way.

Risk assessments conducted by our experts to identifying and mitigating potential threats to your organisation and executives.

Personalised services to meet your executive's busy schedules and unique needs.

Expert recommendations and advice to ensure every aspect of your executive's personal and professional life is secure.

Global protection provided by our executive protection officers during all travel abroad.

Benefits of Our Services 

Seamless business operations, with our support executives are unhindered by security concerns.


Peace of mind for your executives and organisation to do business anywhere in the world.

Security service London
Security assessment

Our executive travel security

Making sure executives and business leaders are kept safe wherever they are in the world 


Executive Travel Security

We provide international travel security services to most countries around the world. Our executive travel security specialists conduct continuous risk assessments during all travel, taking into account all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations, venues and intended destinations, ensuring a safe and secure journey throughout.


Travel Risk Management

Our travel risk management service includes global risk management and travel risk assessments, country risk reports, intelligence reports, tracking, monitoring and alerts, personal security and travel risk awareness to help keep executive travellers safe around the world.

One of the UK's fastest growing risk and security companies.

How can we help you? 

Executive security

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Other services we offer

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Global Security

Securing our world.

Contact us today to find out how we can keep you and your business safe.

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