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Maritime Security
Planning & Advice


Maritime Security Planning & Advice: Protecting shipping, crew and operations around the world.

Find out how we can help you with our integrated professional maritime security planning and advisory services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Maritime Planning Advice

Maritime Planning & Advice

Maritime Security Planning & Advice, keeping vessels and crew secure around the world

Maritime Planning & Advisory Services

AG Global Strategies is a market-leading provider of integrated security solutions, maritime security services and anti-piracy operations. With extensive vessel protection experience protecting vessels for some of the world’s largest shipping companies. As an established maritime security provider, AG Global Strategies can offer shipping and offshore clients comprehensive solutions to protect their people, assets and reputation, against local and strategic risks. We appreciate the commercial and operational realities that our clients face, as such, we remain involved at every stage of the project to provide effective security and risk mitigation, from 'corporate level' to 'team member'.

Modern-day piracy and other ongoing threats made by terrorist and criminal organisations present complex security challenges for many of our maritime clients around the globe. In an ever-changing world, the safety of our clients at home and abroad is paramount and security must be addressed. As experts in global security solutions, risk management, security technology and maritime security services, AG Global Strategies can provide an extensive range of specialist security services for our maritime clients. Services include; maritime risk management, comprehensive assessments, surveys, planning, advice, technical support, training and a full range of professional maritime security services to assist our clients in managing risk and safeguarding their personnel, vessels, critical infrastructure and operations. ​

We are an organisation committed to setting the highest industry standards across each of our divisions and we are proud of our maritime operational excellence and our professional reputation. We have the knowledge to provide commercially viable maritime security solutions for our client's vessels and platforms, operating in some of the most challenging and dangerous waters in the world.

We are well-versed in how to navigate the regulatory standards and intricacies associated with the security of maritime assets and activities, from conception through to implementation, compliance and safety are at the forefront of all our operations. The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is an essential maritime regulation for the safety and security of ships, ports, cargo and crew. Our experience and expertise allow us to consistently operate to the highest of regulatory and professional standards, to effectively deliver the best services possible, safeguarding our clients around the globe.

What services do we offer?

Maritime Ship Security Plan

Maritime Voyage Planning

Maritime Vessel Protection Plan

Maritime Intelligence 

Crew Preparedness 

How can we help you?

Maritime Security Surveys and Security Audits 

Maritime Security Risk Assessments and Recommendations

Maritime Security Planning and Advice

Maritime Vessel Security

Travel Risk Management and On-Shore Security

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Our maritime consultants

Our maritime security consultants are there to protect your vessel, crew and shipping operations, around the world


Maritime Security Consultants

Our highly qualified maritime security consultants are experts in maritime security operations and are qualified to conduct independent security inspections, propose modifications and adapt each ship's security plan if necessary. 


Maritime Security Planning Services

Our maritime security plan objective is to set out the security measures and procedures to be implemented at each maritime security level. Safeguarding our clients against acts of unlawful interference with maritime vessels, operations, or offshore facilities. 

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Find out how we can protect vessels, crew and shipping operations around the world, safeguarding what’s important to you 

Steps to secure what’s important

Our maritime security experts provide security planning and security advice for commercial shipping companies anywhere in the world.

Professional maritime security planning and advice, ensuring maritime safety and security throughout seafaring journeys and port visits.

Our maritime security plan objective is to set out the security measures and procedures to be implemented at each maritime security level. Safeguarding our clients against acts of unlawful interference with maritime vessels, operations, or offshore facilities.

We coordinate with shipboard personnel and port authorities, to carry out all ship operations with the utmost security and ensure that the ship security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated, and maintained.

Our consultants and maritime security officers assess the specific type of vessel and the present situation thoroughly. Depending on this information, our consultants formulate comprehensive plans, taking into account all required security measures related to the handling of cargo, engine room operations, the ship’s stores and other critical areas of responsibility. 


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How can we help you? 

Super-yacht security

Find out how we can help protect what's important to you

Other services we offer

Find out about our other services and how we can help you secure what's important to you 

Global Security

Securing our world.

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