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Intelligence Gathering

  • Intelligence gathering operations are conducted using a wide range of specialist techniques, methods, resources and means, to gain invaluable intelligence to place our clients at a substantial advantage. 

  • Open source intelligence is used as an effective method of obtaining intelligence. Information gathered from the public domain can be an important source of information, this is professionally gathered, collated and evaluated to provide our clients with the information they need.  

  • We draw on the expertise of our highly skilled personnel with excellent intelligence gathering skill, problem solving, analytical skill, communication, business understanding, negotiation and diplomacy attributes to deliver the very best service to our clients.

Intelligence Gathering Services - 

Our intelligence consultants, advisers and officers provide our clients with invaluable intelligence and information needed to put them at an advantage, as an individual or as an organisation as a whole.


  • Intelligence - accurate intelligence is gathered through various human and electronic means on behalf of our clients, to gain the intelligence required to achieve an advantage. This is also utilised by our clients to provide an intelligence picture identifying key, previously unknown information, that could drastically effect their business operations or private lives. Including, the potential physical threat to our clients and their organisations, assets and interests.

  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) - Comprehensive open source intelligence, is a primary method to gain information and intelligence prior to or in place of an in-depth intelligence gathering operation. The collating and evaluation of this information can provide invaluable intelligence and can be an effective method to gain the intelligence and results needed.

  • Surveillance - operations of directed surveillance to track subjects and gain information and intelligence. We combine this with other services to achieve results for our clients, helping and arming them with information, evidence and a better understanding of the situation that presents itself.

  • Intrusive Surveillance - specialist operators, project teams and technical experts assess each task and deploy the best technical assets to obtain information, by installing covert audio and/or video equipment as close as possible to the subject, to gain the best clarity of information or evidence possible. 

Satellite Protective Surveillance - expert protective surveillance operations, providing a protective layer to protect our clients against attack, hostile surveillance threats and hostile operations.

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