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Intelligence Services: London, United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our professional investigative, intelligence and surveillance services. We are on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.

Corporate Intelligence 

Intelligence Services

  • AG Global Strategies' corporate intelligence services help our global clients prepare for and manage risk, in new and existing markets around the world. 

  • We take the time to fully understand our client's needs as a result, we can help our clients achieve their objectives. By arming our clients with the expertise and resources needed, we provide vital assistance to successfully manage and gain positive results across all requirements.


  • Our consultants, advisors and operational intelligence teams can provide our valued corporate clients with information, intelligence and practical support in a variety of areas. We assist organisations with their planning for crisis events and help our clients to navigate through these difficult periods, using all of the expertise and resources needed at our client's disposal, to reach a positive outcome.

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Intelligence Services
Corporate Intelligence
Intelligence Gathering
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Special Projects
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Corporate Intelligence

We provide a complete Intelligence and Investigation portfolio of services, helping clients gain vital information, evidence and essential transparency in all matters relating to their business practices. Our consultants, advisers and operational intelligence teams assess and provide the information needed to make the right decisions, regarding all aspects of intelligence, security and risk. 


We gather critical intelligence for our clients to manage non-financial risk as they undertake joint ventures and acquisitions, support them in entering into new and emerging markets across the globe and provide services to better manage existing relationships. Our Surveillance, Due Diligence and Business Intelligence support services are delivered by industry experts and consultants who have extensive operational experience.  

These corporate intelligence services complement, and in many cases are an integral part of the wider remit of our integrated Security and Risk Management consultancy package, delivered at all times as a personalised service with the utmost discretion to the sensitivity of each operation and the information gained.

Corporate Intelligence Services

  • Business Intelligence - accurate information and intelligence to support decision-making processes. 

  • Country Risk - accurate information and intelligence regarding new markets and country risk, allowing our clients to enter challenging markets with confidence and strategic advantage.

  • Political Intelligence - to help our clients make informed decisions factoring in risk and stability in new markets.

  • Due Diligence - Effective due diligence is an essential process all companies have to implement. Our due diligence services reduce the risk to new ventures, whether from a legal, financial or commercial perspective. Our services also include comprehensive screening and background checks, exploiting sophisticated technology to conduct thorough research to aid our clients throughout.

  • Investigations - We provide our clients with detailed reports on companies, as well as comprehensive and custom reports on company directors and other individuals of interest. From surveillance to computer forensics, we use the latest technologies and tried and tested methods to guarantee thorough and discreet investigations.

  • Disputes - specialist asset tracing and investigative support, gathering open source information, evidence and intelligence to identify assets, map networks, and identify new lines of investigation across various jurisdictions.

Corporate Crisis Management Services

  • Crisis Management - comprehensive operational support for crises and crisis management, working with our clients to develop strategies to anticipate unexpected risks and crises and providing on-call support as new challenges arise around the globe.

Corporate Surveillance Services

  • Corporate Surveillance - AG Global Strategies surveillance specialists conduct high-level surveillance operations for our corporate, government and private clients across the globe. 

  • Global Surveillance Operations - We conduct operations from; small to large scale, simple to complex operations, short to long term, locally, nationally to internationally, for clients in numerous sectors, or numerous classifications of private clients around the globe.

Counter-Surveillance Services

  • Counter-surveillance - Counter-surveillance operations are an invaluable tool for our corporate clients. Protecting their interests, information, reputations and most importantly their safety and security, against any hostile surveillance being conducted against them.

  • Surveillance Detection - This capability can confirm the use of hostile surveillance, or confirm that a subject is not being targeted through detailed sweeps & de-bugging of locations, offices, structures or vehicles.

Electronic Surveillance Services

  • Electronic Surveillance - We provide a complete electronic surveillance solution. Operating various state-of-the-art technology systems and equipment to acquire information through these electronic means.

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Intelligence gathering operations are conducted using a wide range of specialist techniques, methods, resources and means, to gain invaluable intelligence to place our clients at a substantial advantage.

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