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Intelligence Services: London, United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our professional investigative, intelligence and surveillance services. We are on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.

Special Projects

Intelligence Services

  • We provide subject matter expertise, effective strategies and the resources needed to deliver specialist operational capabilities. All are delivered with the objective to give our clients the capacity to reach the required outcomes.

  • Specialist services, designed and deployed to meet the needs of our clients. Delivered with the highest professional standards, confidentiality, discretion and unwavering support at all times.

  • Our specialist services can deploy globally and support our clients at any time. Whether to provide expertise and specialist services, respond to a crisis, or develop strategies to become more resilient should the worst happen, our services are there to consistently respond at a moment's notice. 


Intelligence Services
Corporate Intelligence
Intelligence Gathering
Tracking & Monitoring 
Special Projects
Protective Surveillance
Red Teaming

Special Projects

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of special project services. Operations to aid our clients in reaching a positive outcome, giving our clients the options needed to gain vital information, evidence, essential results and overall protection and security. 

These wide-ranging services complement, and in many cases are an integral part of the wider remit of AG Global Strategies' Intelligence operations and consultancy packages, delivering expertise and professionalism in a personalised way, with the utmost discretion to the sensitivity of the operations conducted and information gained by our exploits.

Global Operations

Worldwide operations are conducted in support of our global clients, across a wide range of sectors, on behalf of our private clients.

  • Crisis Response - global crisis response, reacting to complex situations, negative events and rapidly moving crises. Overcoming adversity and reaching a positive outcome for our clients, during time-sensitive circumstances.  

  • Global Tracking & Monitoring - comprehensive global tracking and monitoring capability, from single, or multiple tasks, to short or long-range tracking of consignments, vehicles, individuals or others.  


We provide complex intelligence services for private individuals, organisations and corporations around the globe. 

  • Intelligence Operations - we provide bespoke intelligence operations to support all complex requirements our clients need to achieve results.

  • Counter-intelligence - we conduct counter-intelligence operations to protect our clients from hostile acts of espionage and intelligence gathering. 

Industrial Espionage

Techniques, technology and expertise are utilised to prepare and protect our clients when they need us most.

  • Counter-espionage - we provide the expertise to mount effective counter-espionage operations to protect our clients and their organisations from hostile individuals and groups targeting their businesses and organisations.

Covert Operations

Our intelligence department and operations teams are well-versed in discreet and covert operations in all environments, around the globe. 

  • Surveillance - we deploy covert surveillance specialists to conduct high-level surveillance operations for our corporate, government and private clients across the globe. 

  • Counter-surveillance - covert counter-surveillance operations conducted to protect the interests, information, reputations and the safety and security of our clients, mitigating risk against any hostile surveillance being conducted.

  • Intelligence  - covet intelligence gathered through various human and electronic means to gain the intelligence required to achieve an advantage. This is also utilised by our clients to provide an intelligence picture identifying key, previously unknown information, that could drastically affect their business operations or private lives. Including, the potential physical threat to our clients and their organisations, assets and interests.

  • Asset Recovery - recovery of lost, missing or stolen assets around the globe. Our specialist teams can covertly track monitor and recover assets of all descriptions. 

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasure)

Techniques and measures to detect and neutralise a wide variety of hostile penetration technologies, that are used to obtain unauthorised access to sensitive information.

  • TSCM - specialist teams utilise technical equipment to detect technical penetrations that include hostile optical, electro-optical, electromagnetic and acoustic means being used as a sensor or transmission method. Technical equipment may be within a room or building, housed in various modified equipment, within building components or in a vehicle. Deployed for the direct or indirect transmission of information meant to be protected. 

Surveillance company London

Satellite Protective Surveillance - expert protective surveillance operations, providing a protective layer to protect our clients against attack, hostile surveillance threats and hostile operations.

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AG Global Strategies London Security Ser

Securing our world

Professional risk management and security services

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