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Intelligence Services: London, United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our professional investigative, intelligence and surveillance services. We are on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.


Intelligence Services

  • Specialists Surveillance - professional surveillance operations for corporate, government and private clients around the globe.

  • Counter-Surveillance - expert counter-surveillance operations conducted on behalf of our clients, to protect against hostile surveillance threats and operations.

  • Surveillance Detection - professional surveillance detection methods and operations are conducted on behalf of our clients, to detect and protect against hostile surveillance threats and operations.

  • Electronic Surveillance - technical surveillance solutions to gain results by exploiting the very latest technology we have to offer. 

Special Projects

Protective Surveillance

Intelligence Services

Corporate Intelligence

Intelligence Gathering



Tracking & Monitoring 

Special Projects

Protective Surveillance

Red Teaming


AG Global Strategies surveillance and counter-surveillance operators use specialist techniques and methods for covert observation of a target. Including; on foot, mobile (vehicle platform), static and technical. Using technology including, audio, static camera, video and tracking equipment to gain information, intelligence and evidence, required to deliver results for our clients.

We work within the law, plan with precision, employ state-of-the-art equipment, use creativity and ingenuity to gain results, submit detailed reports and work locally, nationally and internationally. 

AG Surveillance Operators are fully qualified, trained and experienced surveillance operators, with military, government or police backgrounds to suit each tasking. With a wealth of experience, our operators can operate in any location or setting to discreetly gain the necessary information to complete any task.

Surveillance Services

  • Specialist Surveillance - AG Global Strategies surveillance specialists conduct high-level surveillance operations for our corporate, government and private clients across the globe. 

  • Mobile & On-Foot Surveillance - Tracking and gathering information (photographic, video footage, audio) of single, or multiple target(s), from a mobile platform (specialist vehicle) and/or on foot, applying coordinated units of surveillance operators.

  • Urban & Rural Surveillance - We adapt our surveillance operations to work within an urban (major city, town, suburb), to a rural (countryside, natural area, remote location) environment employing specialist equipment, techniques and adapted methods to gain the results required.  

  • Static Covert & Overt Video Surveillance Installation - Comprehensive video surveillance capability, to observe a target, or area, from a covert or overt sited position.

  • Global Surveillance Operations - We conduct operations from; small to large scale, simple to complex operations, short to long term, locally, nationally to internationally, for clients in numerous sectors, or numerous classifications of private clients around the globe.

Counter-Surveillance Services

  • Counter-surveillance - Counter-surveillance operations are an invaluable tool for our corporate and private clients. Protecting their interests, information, reputations and most importantly their safety and security, against any hostile surveillance being conducted against them.

  • Surveillance Detection - This capability can confirm the use of hostile surveillance, or confirm that a subject is not being targeted through detailed sweeps & de-bugging of a location, structure or vehicle.

Electronic Surveillance Services

  • Electronic Surveillance - We provide a complete electronic surveillance solution. Operating various state-of-the-art technology systems and equipment to acquire information through these electronic means.

Open source intelligence company

Open-source intelligence is used as an effective method of obtaining intelligence. Information gathered from the public domain can be an important source of information, this is professionally gathered, collated and evaluated to provide our clients with the information they need.

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