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Intelligence Services: London, United Kingdom, Europe and Global Services.

Find out how we can help you and your organisation with our professional investigative, intelligence and surveillance services. We are on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.


Intelligence Services

  • Our investigations services provide professional investigative operations for corporate, government and private clients around the globe. We deploy corporate investigations experts that conduct investigations covering a wide scope of services and operations for corporates across several sectors around the globe.

  • Our technical analyses department, analyse and forensically examine computers and devices.

  • Personal investigations provide comprehensive investigative services, for private clients around the world. 

  • Professional criminal investigations and examination solutions, exploiting technology and expertise to gain results for our corporate and private clients.

  • Our specialist investigations experts provide specialist investigation solutions, to gain results by utilising specialist techniques and technology. 

Special Projects

Corporate Intelligence

We have extensive experience in private and corporate investigations. Conducting a wide spectrum of operations for a whole host of private clients and corporates across the globe.


Our operational experience and state-of-the-art technology give our clients confidence in gaining the results they require. Working with valued clients, from individuals to multi-national corporations. Operating in our home base of London, the wider United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to operations conducted simultaneously in multiple countries across the globe. Our intelligence operations team can assist where our clients are situated, or where an investigation is required to operate. Any type of investigation or operation our clients require, we can launch.

Intelligence Services
Corporate Intelligence
Intelligence Gathering
Tracking & Monitoring 
Special Projects
Protective Surveillance
Red Teaming

Corporate Investigations

  • Due Diligence

  • Historical Company Searches

  • Asset Location / Recovery

  • Debtor Tracing

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Financial Investigations 

  • Internal Theft Investigations

  • Employee Vetting & Background Checks

  • Employee Absenteeism Investigations

  • Employee Long-term Sick Investigation

Technology Analysis

  • Computer Forensics - comprehensive computer, laptop and device forensics.

  • Internet Analysts - in-depth analysis of internet use, by an individual or device.

  • Mobile Phone Analysis - analysis of mobile/smartphones of all categories and operating systems.

Personal Investigations Services

  • Personal Asset Location / Recovery - comprehensive searches of assets and the organisation and process of recovery. 

  • Matrimonial Investigations - in-depth investigations to provide the required evidence.

  • Pre-sue Enquires - enquiries made on behalf of our clients and their representatives.

  • Debtor Tracing - in-depth tracing of debtors for outstanding debt.

  • Personal Background Checks - comprehensive research into an individual's personal history.

  • Personal Financial Investigations - analysis of an individual's personal finance.

Criminal Investigations & Examinations

  • Criminal Investigations - comprehensive investigations of general/serious criminal activity.

  • Witness Enquiry - we can make witness enquiries on behalf of our clients and representatives.

  • Crime Scene Examination - professional in-depth analysis of a crime scene.

  • DNA Investigations - testing of DNA for investigative purposes and the process of evidence.

  • Fingerprint Examination - detailed examination and processing of fingerprint evidence. 

  • Human Fluid Investigations - analysis of human fluid investigative purposes and process of evidence.

Specialist Investigations Services

  • Polygraph Testing - testing and expert analysis of a voluntary polygraph (Lie-detector) test.

  • Handwriting & Document Analysis - professional examination of documentation and handwriting analysis.

Corporate intelligence company London

Corporate Intelligence - We provide a complete Intelligence and Investigation portfolio of services, helping clients gain vital information, evidence and essential transparency in all matters relating to their business practices.

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