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Hostile environment security

Hostile Environment Experience

Hostile Environment Security Expertise

High threat security
  • Our experts and specialist team members are selected from security professionals with a background that includes extensive experience operating in Hostile Environments around the world.

  • AG Global Strategies security personnel hold wide-ranging knowledge and experience operating in war-torn, complex and hostile environments, including involvement in operations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, providing security for private clients, government departments, agencies and NGOs. ​

We select, recruit and have a significant number of highly-qualified, experienced experts and personnel within our organisation that have a wealth of operational experience. All have provided security, specialist services, training and support for government, military and non-governmental organisations, including the protection of high-profile VIPs and staff in some of the most challenging and high-threat environments in the world. With over 15 years of operational knowledge, expertise and experience gained over this time, our collective know-how and skill provide our clients with a high-level professional service.  

Operating in various hostile locations across the world, our personnel and operations management teams have deployed and provided specialist security services and training in countries including; Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Syria and various other countries within Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Delivering professional services to the highest of standards, ensuring security and enabling clients to operate and complete their objectives as safely as possible.


Each member holds qualifications and skills obtained through private security operational experience, military operations and experience, military training, security, close protection and medical courses and relevant in-theatre training. While continuously refreshing, updating and honing these skills periodically.

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