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Maritime Expertise

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  • Our maritime security experts, security officers and maritime operations team have vast experience operating and delivering a multitude of maritime security services around the world. Delivering security for large shipping companies in high-threat areas, to providing high-level professional maritime security services for super-yacht owners and management companies. Protecting vessels, cargo, crew and passengers across the globe.

  • Within our diverse skills base, we draw expertise from some of the most experienced maritime professionals within the maritime security industry. Many of our personnel are drawn from the Royal Navy and specialist units, bringing with them a great deal of experience and subject matter expertise. 

Our maritime security operations department and personnel hold extensive knowledge and experience over a great deal of time operating within the maritime security industry. Including, providing maritime risk management, planning and advisory services, protecting large shipping vessels, to the protection of high-profile private super-yachts and providing comprehensive maritime security services for each of these areas.


The vast majority of our personnel have had extensive experience operating in numerous locations, ports, oceans and seas across the world. Including; the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian ocean, South China Sea, voyages in the vicinity of the Horn of Africa and the Suez Canal. Additionally, operating in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, South America and North America. Our maritime department and operational personnel deliver an extremely professional service to high-profile clients in a singular, individual private capacity, to a multiple vessels and large shipping company level. 

Our maritime department and personnel's expertise and experience is based on a solid background of combined operational know-how and experience, working for large multinational companies, private clients and time served in the most professional units in the British Armed Forces, most notably, the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF; SBS, SFSG), police and other distinguished units.

Our consultants, advisors and management team, has extensive qualifications and each member of our operational maritime security team holds qualifications to Ship Security Officer (SSO) & Maritime Security Operative (MSO) level. Including, First Person On Scene Intimidate (FPOSI), or First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC 3), First Aid medical qualifications. Each skill is obtained through operational experience, maritime courses, security courses and training, while continuously refreshing, updating and honing these qualifications and skills periodically.






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