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Personal security
  • Our consultants, advisers and experts have a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of sectors and environments around the world.

  • Our risk management and security solutions departments draw on the expertise of our highly skilled and experienced people to protect and serve our private clients to the best of our ability.

  • We deploy our services in support of all manner of private clients, from large multinational organisations and small and medium-sized enterprises to individual clients around the world, from the United Kingdom to Africa. 

As a growing global company, we seek to attract the best people the industry can offer. We invest greatly in our personnel and we have some of the most qualified and capable individuals in our team that can apply these qualities to best protect our clients around the world. 

Our security solutions and management services range from security reform projects on behalf of corporate clients, to the design of bespoke solutions for large companies, to private individuals.​ Our projects are threat-focused, intelligence-led, innovative, integrated and scalable. Our solutions reflect our client’s specific risks and objectives, protecting them while they fulfil their business purpose or other pursuits.

We excel as an organisation bringing diverse expertise to support our clients - bringing multiple perspectives and deep experience to bear on our client’s behalf. This expertise reflects our background working for numerous global clients across all sectors around the world. Within our risk management and security divisions, we have a great number of highly qualified, professionally trained security personnel that have vast experience and skills gained over extensive periods operating in challenging environments across the private security industry.

Our security departments, consultants and personnel all have backgrounds in government, intelligence, military, police law enforcement, tech, investigations, cyber, strategic consultancy and a host of other professions. It is this combination of background knowledge, current skill and know-how and the operational experience of being based in multiple locations, on all continents of the world, that makes AG Global Strategies departments and our personnel's expertise relevant and distinctive.


AG Global Strategies security personnel hold extensive knowledge and far-reaching experience operating within the private security industry. Our personnel and operations management teams have deployed and operated in various regions and locations across the world. Including; the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South & Central America. Delivering a professional service to high-profile clients in a private, corporate and government capacity. We’re particularly adept at managing low-profile, locally-supported security operations in these challenging environments. 


Each of our deployed members holds qualifications and skills obtained through operational experience, security courses and security training, while continuously refreshing, updating and honing these skills periodically. We apply these skills to greatly benefit our diverse international clients, to gain the advantage they need and to prepare and protect themselves, or their organisations into the future.

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