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Surveillance services
  • Our Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance department and operational teams provide professional operational and technical services. Protecting the interests and supporting the development and sustainment of major companies and private clients around the world.

  • We have extremely robust methods and processes to execute tasks with the highest professionalism, aided by highly experienced personnel and operational teams. 

  • Our experts, operators and personnel are highly experienced in their fields of expertise. Retaining skills obtained over a number of years within specialist units and further developing their ability to work within the private sector. Our professionals bring unique skills due to their backgrounds within specialist units in the British Armed Forces, Government agencies and specialist Police units.  ​

With the growing threat posed around the world, our Intelligence department, operators and specialist technologies, exploit and provide a sophisticated multi-purpose solution. This twinned with expert intelligence operations teams, can accurately and reliably obtain critical information and intelligence, detect and identify threats and protect our clients in an uncertain world.

We help corporations and private individuals make the best decisions possible. We aid our clients by delivering information accurately and in a timely fashion, presenting and arming them with invaluable intelligence to optimise their decision-making processes and protect their businesses and private lives. From cutting-edge technology to the vigilance of our operations teams to combat threats, our services can protect, test systems and evaluate procedures. Providing unparalleled support to our clients, for the purposes of security and the acquisition of information and intelligence.

Our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance teams provide expert technical services to support the development and sustainment of major companies and private individuals alike. AG Global Strategies provides unsurpassed technical and operational expertise across all Intelligence and Surveillance domains needed to deliver the results our clients require. We integrate intelligence, surveillance technologies and techniques, combined with the vast experience and ability of our experts to effectively, efficiently and consistently deliver. Our experts and advisors employ the most up-to-date technologies and techniques within the industry on a day-to-day basis and work to introduce and integrate new methods as soon as they are available on the market. Keeping our organisation's service capability at the forefront of the private intelligence and surveillance industry. 

Our intelligence and surveillance department has some of the most talented individuals in the industry. Working alongside an experienced operations team, they skillfully operate in tandem to expertly execute each task. Using the skill and experience obtained over 15 years of operational deployment, our intelligence department is in the best position to keep our clients supplied with 'key' information and intelligence to place them and keep them in an advantageous position.

AG operators and mission analysts possess expertise in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services, including red team operations. Our talented personnel optimise chosen platforms and deliver results with our mission support specialists, ready to provide support for our clients around the globe. Our teams go where the operation requires and deliver solutions to ensure success.

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