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ex-army security

Military & Government

Military & Government

British army security
  • Our specialist security experts and staff are exclusively recruited and selected from former British Armed Forces, Government and specialist Police personnel.

  • Each member holds extensive operational experience in various theatres of operations around the world, with a depth of knowledge and qualifications found only within these units.

  • We support the development of all of our personnel. Including dedicated support and development for our armed forces service leaver members, that bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and highly prized skill sets to our organisation.​

We select the very best people to join our organisation, all with the highest of standards, professionalism and skill. This can be found in spades within the British military and government agencies, due to, arguably the best training, collective expertise and operational experience over a great many years.

These organisations have a long-standing tradition of excellence and bravery in the face of adversaries, projecting security and support for nations and people across the world. The above-mentioned are not only experts in a one-dimensional manner but are world-renowned for their wide scope of skill, resilience, unwavering determination, and ability to gain operational success in an offensive or defensive nature. Including, in the course of worldwide peacetime operations, support of nations post-natural disasters, training of foreign governments, military and security agencies, all to foster security, development and growth in some of the most challenging regions and locations around the world. 


All AG Global Strategies specialist security personnel have served within the British Armed Forces (ARMY, RN, RAF), elite British Airborne Forces (PARA), Royal Marines (RM), United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF; SAS, SBS, SRR, SFSG), British Government Agencies, or British Specialist Police units. These units are the most distinguished and sort after in the world, especially in terms of skill and ability, individually and collectively, found across the globe.

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