Residential security services

Residential security services: Professional security officers and security systems to protect residential premises across London and the United Kingdom.

Find out how we can help you with our complete residential security and property security services. Securing property, estates, private residences and developments.

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Residential Security

Residential Security

Our residential security and property security services includes everything required to provide security for your family, private property or even up to a whole residential development, from expert security surveys and assessments, professional residential security officers, security guards, mobile security patrols, to security systems, technology and installation.

Residential & Property Security

we are experts in conducting security consultations, surveys and designing and delivering security solutions for residential sites across the UK and around the world. We provide professional residential and property security services, technical security systems and physical security measures for our customers wherever they may be.


We conduct comprehensive security threat assessments, surveys and audits to advise, design, plan and implement a technical, physical and manned security solution, to ensure the security of each of our client's residences and properties. Including - estates, apartments, townhouses, buildings, developments, sites and other locations.

We use our experience and expertise to secure each site with the highest level of security possible, we take all factors into account to deliver a bespoke service, up to a 24/7 integrated security package if required. Our manned services include; Estate Security Guards, Residential Security Officers, Static and Mobile Security Officers and Guard Dog Patrol Officers.

What services do we offer?

Residential Security Guards

Residential Security Officers

Residential Security & Estate Management

Mobile Security Patrols & Guard Dog Units

International Security Services & Management 

How can we help you?

Security Surveys & Security Audits 

Security Risk Assessments & Security Recommendations

Security Planning & Advice

On-site Security Services & Mobile Security Services

Security Systems, Technology & Installation

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Residential security is there to protect you, your family and your premises, giving you peace of mind night and day

Steps to secure what’s important

As a leader in residential security services we are an ideal organisation to ensure the security of your property. Our services will ensure you and your family are safe at home at all times, being kept safe by our professional security officers.

  • Dedicated client managers to help and advise you every step of the way

  • Security assessments and consultations carried out by our experienced security experts

  • Personalised and comprehensive residential security risk assessment

  • Bespoke recommendations and expert advice to ensure your property is secure

  • Professional tailored personal security services while at home or travelling abroad.

  • Peace of mind for you and your family at home, day or night.

Security consultncy
Security assessment

Our mobile security services

Residential mobile security is there to protect you, your family and your premises

Mobile security service

Mobile Security

Mobile security patrols are an effective and cost-saving way to protect property of all kinds. We provide high-visibility mobile patrol vehicles and uniformed security officers to patrol external perimeters and internal areas. Ensuring your property is secure at all times

Guard dog service

Guard Dog Units

Our guard dog service is a highly-effective security solution that can effectively deter crime and anyone targeting a a home or property under our care. Our security dogs routinely patrol the perimeter of all kinds of property and estates, acting as a very high-profile visual deterrent.

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Global security services

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