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Residential & Property Security

Security Services

At AG Global Strategies we are experts in conducting security consultations, surveys and designing and delivering security solutions for residential sites across the UK and around the world. We provide professional residential and property security services, technical security systems and physical security measures for our customers wherever they may be. We conduct comprehensive security threat assessments, surveys and audits to advise, design, plan and implement a technical, physical and manned security solution, to ensure the security of each of our client's residences and properties. Including - estates, apartments, townhouses, buildings, developments, sites and other locations.

We recognise the challenges of providing security changes from each private residence and estate, to more complex sites and locations across the globe. We provide a dedicated security consultant and management team to quickly assess, recommend and implement a bespoke, short-term, or complete permanent on-going security services to suit each project site and security requirement.

We utilise our extensive experience and expertise to secure each site with the highest level of security possible, we take all factors into account to deliver a bespoke service up to a 24/7 integrated security package if required. Our manned services include; Estate Security Guards, Residential Security Officers, Static and Mobile Security Officers and Guard Dog Patrol Officers.

Our residential security packages are designed to provide several layers of protective security. We not only provide integrated manned security services, but also integrate technical security systems and physical security measures, including, sensors, cameras, intruder alarms, automated gates and specialist fencing, audio/video access control and specialist lighting to protect property, estates, perimeters and grounds of all sizes.

Protection of our client's residence is an essential frontline deterrent and defence from intruders and criminal activity against our clients and their property, possessions and assets. These services are designed and can be set at various levels of presence to ensure a secure yet un-intrusive layer of protection that effectively reduces risk while facilitating our client's normal daily lives without obstruction.


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Residential security officers London

Our international residential security service and security staff can be relocated almost anywhere in the world. Our officers can either travel to a planned destination for set periods or be permanently based at your overseas property, all year round. This service is ideal for continuity of security or vacated properties.

We can both arrange or forward deploy our residential security officers at any time. As part of an advance party, integrated with our travel security service, or as a permanent feature. Our officers can facilitate and provide up to 24-hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year residential security, throughout the year, as well as for short-term or long-term overseas trips. This service ensures the residence is either secure throughout the year, or before your arrival, with any administrative duties taken care of. 



Property security London

We provide full property and residential security management services for our UK and international clients around the world. Securing, their overseas residences, villas, property and grounds, hotels or any other accommodation they may own or use. Our management team are experts in organising and managing all aspects of security, whether coordinating manning, staff, transport or travel to organising surveys of grounds and upgrading physical security measures and security systems, and all other security-related matters in between.

Our property management service offers our clients complete assistance with the A-Z of their property's security requirements. A dedicated management team will be on hand to ensure that your property or multiple properties are secure all year round, giving peace of mind wherever you may be. Our in-country or remote management services are available 24-hours per day 7-days per week, all year round. We can provide extremely cost-effective solutions, from the management of regular vacated property visits, or a temporary security guard service, to a 24-hour manned security service with a whole suite of security systems.


Estate security guards London

We have invested considerably in the quality of our personnel and they reflect the high standards we hold and that are expected by our clients. Our individuals, teams and security details are carefully considered, selected and deployed to suit each client’s security requirement. Including, to suit the operational environment and social settings our clients operate in and locations we deploy to within the United Kingdom or across the globe.

Our residential security guards and security officers hold extensive professional expertise and qualifications in residential security and private security. While commanding vast amounts of individual and collective experience across the private security industry, from government establishments and commercial sites to private estates and developments across the UK, Europe, to the most challenging environments around the globe. All of our security personnel are former British armed forces, police officers and professional security officers, trained to the highest of standards in security and are licensed by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Security consultant London

Comprehensive security surveys, assessments and surveys for all buildings and structures.

Security Surveys

& Assessments

Specialist security systems, physical security measures and professional installation services.

Security Systems

& Installation 




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Security consultant

AG Global Strategies - Security Consultancy

Professional guidance, advice, assessments and surveys for all of our client’s security needs, our security consultants are on hand to guide and advise our corporate and private clients across the globe.​

Personal protection

AG Global Strategies - Close Protection

Our close protection service provides a discreet, professional and personal security solution for our clients around the world. It offers an extremely high level of protection, a bespoke flexible service, overall security and peace of mind for those in our care.

Travel security

AG Global Strategies - Global Travel Security

Global travel security services provide a discreet and high-profile security solution, with an extremely high level of security, personal protection and personal service for our clients around the world.


AG Global Strategies - Security Systems & Installation

Specialist security systems and professional installation services, achieving the highest level of security for our clients. Working in unison with our close partners to efficiently install physical security and technical security systems.


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